All you Need to Know about The ULTIMATE RESET

Ya’ll. It’s going DOWN for real!!! It’s definitely been a minute and if you haven’t heard…Charlie, Frankie, and I are moving to DALLAS, TX this fall!!!

So excited to build our dream {first} home together in Dallas, TX.

⁣As our time in California is coming more to a close with each passing day…I’ve been reflecting a lot on beginnings…endings…and the messy middle called life.⁣

If you’ve been around here for awhile you’ve watched me transition from an elementary school teacher in Miami, FL to a full time coach in San Jose, CA.⁣

You’ve witnessed me battle depression.⁣
You’ve seen Charlie and I grow in our faith.⁣
You’ve had a front row seat to life with Frankie.⁣
You watched us transition from newly in love to newlywed.⁣
You’ve seen countless progress pics from me.⁣
You’ve been able to see me come alive in my business and on this platform.⁣

It all happened here.⁣
In Cali.⁣
Our home.⁣

⁣But my body.⁣
My body has changed and morphed and grown in these years here to something I don’t recognize as my own. And dammit I don’t even have a KID to blame. 🤣 ⁣

I’m tired of not feeling confident.⁣
I’m tired of holding a blanket or a jacket or something against my stomach because I just feel bloated and blah.⁣
I’m tired of telling my husband what I hate about my body.⁣

I’m just tired.⁣

I look back on pics when I moved to CA and I simply don’t look the same. ⁣

I want her strength back.⁣
I want her courage back.⁣
I want her confidence back.⁣

And so I’m doing something that scares the shit outta me as I embark on our final 5 weeks in the place we call home.⁣

I’m doing a 21 day reset on my body.⁣

And I’m gonna go old school on y’all and use YOU as my accountability partners. Sharing with you for the next 3 weeks what it takes to take back yourself.⁣

It’s time for me.⁣
It’s the line I’m drawing in the sand.⁣
I deserve it and I’m worth it.

What is the Ultimate Reset?

It’s a 3 week cleanse that resets your system and basically gives your body a tune up from the inside out. You gradually phase out animal proteins, dairy, and grains over 21 days while taking a combination of supplements to assist in the detox process. You get to eat 3 meals + a snack each day, so it’s definitely not a deprivation diet. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. No sugar, no coffee, no processed foods is definitely a challenge in the world we live in, but KEY for our bodies to occasionally get a “break” from it all and hit RESET on the system.

Why would someone want to do this?

The world we live in is not clean. Let’s be real. From the air we breathe, to water that’s not totally clean, to the chemicals (aka processed foods) we put in our body on a daily basis…there’s just a lot of toxins being absorbed. BUT. Our bodies are amazing!!! They work hard to eliminate this stuff on a daily basis. This reset allows them the chance to receive more of what’s good and get rid of the things that are bad so our bodies can function at their BEST!

What does it come with?

There are six supplements and a full 21 day recipe guide for B/L/D and an optional snack.

What to expect during the ULTIMATE RESET.

The program is broken down into 3 PHASES, so it’s easy to look at it as a week at a time. The first phase is RECLAIM where you gradually remove foods such as red meats and dairy, which place stress on the digestive system. Phase two is called RELEASE and this is the start of the detoxification process as well as a fully vegan diet. And the final phase is RESTORE. In the last week you cut back on grains, eating mostly fruits and vegetables and the idea is to restore your digestive system to maximum efficiency.

So what are you eating?!

Check out my WEEK ONE MEAL PLAN below and stay tuned each week as I share a recap with you. Like I said in the beginning of this blog…I’m really excited to TAKE BACK ME over the next three weeks.

Definitely loving the variety this week (mainly the SUSHI!!!). Side note…you’re not “suppose” to workout on the reset, but I’m being mindful not to push my exertion too far.

Wanna try the reset next?!

Just fill out the application below and share your current goals with me. I can’t wait to connect and see if this program would be right for you!!!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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