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So here’s the deal…I get asked all the time what my online fitness groups are all about and I totally get it…maybe it’s just another scam, right?! But it’s not! It’s a chance for people who have their backs against the wall and are finally ready to make a change. This group is for people who have “tried everything” and “nothing works.” It’s a chance to take back your health one day at a time. It’s a chance to succeed and it’s a chance to fail. We pull each other back up on this journey. That’s what these groups are all about. But there’s a secret formula that WORKS, my friends!


Yep. That simple. But most people don’t end up succeeding because ONE of these components is missing. With my groups, I make it easy. You’ll get GUIDED at home fitness programs, free meal planners and nutrition guides, and 24/7 1:1 support throughout your journey. You don’t have to do this crazy thing all alone! You get me AND a group of other like minded individuals who are on this same journey, too! #thesecretsauce

If you’re serious about your health and are READY to make a change, I’m totally your girl! It is NOT a quick fix and I will not lie to you and tell you this will be easy. But will it be worth it?! Man, oh, man it will!!! Check out some of my amazing success stories below. 12573877_1168285076533047_8735083592251220041_n

“I haven’t been as active in the group this round as I usually am. I’ve definitely been letting my days run me lately as I settle into a brand new life here in south Florida and get used to working in an office again. I’ve been missing a few workouts each week and letting my eating slip here and there. But this Thursday marks the deadline I gave myself by which to lose 30 lbs, which was why I joined Brittany’s groups in the first place, 6 months ago. On the left is me in June. I was stressed out, frustrated, and not really taking care of myself. On the right is me this New Year’s Eve, 20 lbs lighter, healthier, and just plain happier. While I haven’t hit my 30 lb. goal yet, and have sort of reached a plateau with my weight loss, I’ve come further than I ever could have come on my own. I’ve developed a lifestyle of paying attention to what I put into my body, and knowing how to correctly portion in order to lose and maintain my weight. I’ve developed a regular habit of working out again, and when I don’t, my body notices and craves it. I got tons of cute workout clothes (in a smaller size!) from my family for Christmas, which means those close to me are noticing my hard work. I can’t thank Brittany McMillan enough. She and her groups are the reason I’ve been able to accomplish this, and I’m hooked! It’s no longer about the end goal, it’s about the journey, and I’m so happy to be on it with all of you!” ~Erin W.




What you see in this picture is a woman who has shed a massive amount of weight. But let’s talk about what you don’t see….the real heartbeat behind this transformation.

What you don’t see is the drive of this woman to persevere. You can’t tell in this picture how many times she just wanted to lay on the couch, drink the can of Coke, eat the unhealthy meal, throw in the towel. You don’t see how the DAILY CONSISTENT effort of this incredible woman caused her to transform her heart, mind, and body. You don’t get to share those moments like when she shared with us that she could finally fit into her husbands t’s…when her belt was officially OUT OF HOLES to hold her pants up…when she didn’t have to get bypass surgery anymore…that she simply wasn’t even a candidate. You don’t get to see the CASES of pills and vitamins she got to toss because her body was finally fueled properly. You just don’t see the behind the scenes story. What you get here is her after. And her inspiration that maybe, just maybe YOU can do it, too. Just like Cayla. She’s seriously one of my few best girlfriends on this planet. She’s one of the few women I trust to tell my life, my dreams, and my fears to. It’s a COMPLETE honor to walk this walk with her. And it all happened and began by her sending me that first message to ask for help. I never knew that day how incredible her journey would be and I’m forever grateful she trusted in me! 

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