Meet Brittany


Hey friends!!! My name is Brittany and I’m the proud Founder of  Run to Your Happy Place.

So what’s RTYHP all about?!

Well, Run to Your Happy Place was birthed in my mind during a long marathon training run, because let’s be honest, that’s where most great ideas are born…am I right?! If you’re a runner, you TOTALLY understand this!!! 🙂

But RTYHP isn’t just for runners. Nope. It’s for everyone.

Simply put, Run to Your Happy Place is about life.

Life is hard. In fact, I was in one of the lowest points I thought life could toss me into when I created RTYHP. I had to turn to positive living; telling myself that I was capable and strong and beautifully placed where I needed to be, even when those voices in my head announced that maybe I wasn’t. But I had to learn to silence those voices because life is also extremely beautiful and this HAS to be celebrated. From the families we were given, to the friends who grace our lives. From the gorgeous reflection of an ocean sunset to the smell of pine on top of a mountain range. Loving glances. A gracious pour of wine. Someone’s hand to hold. Being exhausted because you worked hard doing something you love. There is SO MUCH to be celebrated!!!

So let’s start celebrating the little things in life that make us happy. Let’s stress less and smile more. So, get out there, my beautiful friend. Find what makes you sparkle and share your glitter with the world! Happiness is contagious and RTYHP is ready to spread it. Sending you all free smiles!!! May you find {and run to} your happy place!

<3, Britt