Trasform :20 WEEK ONE Meal Plan

I know how challenging it can be to not only take on a NEW FIT ROUTINE, but also try to eat well in the process.

Girl. I get it. And that’s why I want to share with you exactly what I’m doing. My heart is to INSPIRE you to believe that you can do it, too. Because?! Well…YOU CAN!

Honestly, though…I can’t even believe we’re HERE. Ready to take on this program and the next 6 weeks together. I’m just so excited!!!

But we’re doing it.

6 weeks. 42 different workouts. And we’re focused on transforming our MINDS + BODIES + SPIRITS all along the way.

If you want more info on WHAT TRANSFORM :20 is all about…check out this blog here!

I’m not gonna sugar coat it, though…diving into a program like this takes preparation. If we are prepared with our meals, our schedules, and our goals, then we are better able to CRUSH the results we desire. One week at a time. One day at a time. One choice at a time.

Today I sat down and I got LASER FOCUSED on what we will be eating this week. Abs are made in the kitchen and yo girl wants her abs back for our upcoming cruise, ya’ll!

<<< Here’s what I’ve got >>>

Keep in mind that I am on meal plan A and we live a vegetarian lifestyle.

Does this program have you CURIOUS?! Are you kinda wishin’ you could do this with me?! There’s still time to join, sister!!! Fill out the form below and let’s get you ready to transform your LIFE in 2019!!!

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