TRANSFORM : 20 Week 1 check in + Week 2 Meal Plan

One week down.

5 more to go.

And this journey has been challenging, but my TRIBE has me so freaking fired up that the challenges have turned into a DRIVE to just show up and do my best. Isn’t that so rad?!

Let me tell it to you straight.

YOU, my friend, have the chance to create the life you want in this moment. ✨🍍 It may not feel like it in your current situation, but it is WITHIN REACH.⠀

Not 10 years from now.⠀
Not next year.⠀
Not when the timing is right and you just ______.⠀


Change happens when you flat out CHANGE. If you don’t like the space you are currently in, become aware of the choices you make and do something DIFFERENT. ⠀

It’s easy to say next month…⠀
Next year..⠀
You are worth it to begin right now.⠀

Why convince yourself that there’s a better time than now?! And trust me…I’m totally victim of this, too! But there will ALWAYS be something getting in the way of our “dream life”…our goals. ⠀

Unexpected expenses…uncontrollable life curve balls…”stuff” will always be an obstacle. ⠀

I work with two types of women on a daily basis…the ones who say they want change but aren’t aligning their choices with it…and those who want change and are grabbing that bull by the horn and DOING IT!!! ⠀

And those ladies?! ⠀
Those are the ones that FIRE 🔥🤸🏼‍♀️🙌🏼 ME UP!!! ⠀

Women who overcome the excuses (time, money, life…we ALLLLL have those) and just FREAKING DO IT!⠀

Anyways…I’ll hop off my soap box now and let you know that WEEK ONE is in the books. Grocery shopping went DOWN (literally my happy place) and everything is ready to make week 2 amazing. I can’t wait to finish this next week and close out the first chapter of this program “COMMIT.” I have a feeling some Ch. 1 progress pics are gonna come your way, too! 😉

Meal plan is in place (you can peep 👀 it down below) and I’m ready to rock the socks off week 2. I hope YOU make it a fabulous week, sista! You’re SO WORTH IT!

Interested in joining me on this journey?! Check out all the deets HERE + apply to join me. I’d love to walk this journey with YOU.

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