Opening our {first} NewlyWed BOX

Charlie and I had a marathon of a holiday season, ya’ll. So much so…I think once it was all said and done, we absolutely needed a vacation from it all.

Too bad the vacation isn’t until March, right?! And since we can’t just make time fly faster, we decided to recharge our batteries by checkin’ out a fun, new box from our friends at The NewlyWed Box.

So what is The NewlyWed Box?!

It’s a subscription box for newlyweds! {#duh}

Each month, a hand-crafted box is delivered to your door with insights into the most important elements of marriage, such as: good communication habits, fighting fair, setting boundaries, understanding expectations, steps to building a legacy, how to have great sex, and more!

Our box was so much fun to open! It arrived in a fun red box and in it we found all things LEGACY + TRADITION. Recipe cards and a prompt to have more fun creating memories in the kitchen. A beautiful leather journal to write in together with cards that ask some questions that, to be honest, we might not actually find the time to sit down and spew at each other. Things like making a list of the traditions from our past that are important to us and why…or creating a family mission statement together.

We also got a cute little set of note cards and an encouragement from the team at The NewlyWed Box to write love notes to one another, as well as some mugs + a hot cocoa kit! Everything was so well thought out and allowed Charlie and myself a chance to ring in a new year with CONNECTION + INTENTION…something I would encourage ALL couples to make time for.

Anyways…if you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your spouse, you’ve gotta check them out. And stay connected to my instagram for a fun FEBRUARY GIVEAWAY. We’re teaming up with our friends over @thenewlywedbox to send their February Sex + Intimacy Box to one lucky couple. Will it be you?! Make sure to follow along for the deets!

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