Taking BACK Brittany 👊🏼

🔹🔹🔹W A R N I N G 🔹🔹🔹

My friends….I haven’t stepped on the scale in about 5 months now. But I didn’t need to. I could feel it. .
17 pounds heavier.
Clothes that don’t fit.
A confidence sinking.
A hypocrite.
All of the emotions one would expect I’d have…I do.

I’ve NEVER gained this kind of weight.
I workout DAILY.
I eat 80/20.
I don’t drink heavily or indulge in empty calories often.

So what gives?!

A few things that I can think of…but mainly, I’ve tapered off of depression meds the past 5 months and it’s wrecked HAVOC on my body. Doctors don’t tell you that kinda shit. Maybe because it’s just not researched or studied enough. But here I am…17 pounds heavier and feeling more defeated that I can describe.

But here’s what I can CONTROL – – –
I’m not a quitter.
I pave the way for others.
I show up.
I blaze the trail even when it’s scary.
And I need to kick my own booty into gear…I have a BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITY to show YOU what’s possible all BEFORE a new year arrives. I don’t sit back and dwell on problems…I work on solutions. I will get my body back. And more importantly, I will regain the confidence I’ve been robbed of along the way.

And so I’ve decided on my next program. Taking it back to when I was quite honestly in the best athletic shape of my life. INSANITY MAX30, baby.
These pics are what I achieved the last time I took on this program and I’m hoping for an even MORE jaw dropping transformation this go around.

I’m prepped and ready to CRUSH week one. The calendar is printed. I’ve planned my meals + hit up the grocery store. I’m READY to be laser focused on ME for the next 60 days!!! And just because I’m LASER FOCUSED, doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bland. NO, MA’AM!!! This week we are gonna eat G O O D. Check out what I’ve planned for us!!!

spinach + butternut squash + gorgonzola + cranberry salads {lunches}

sriracha tofu + broccoli + cashew stir fry over couscous

fig + goat cheese + arugula on a flatbread

jackfruit sliders + corn + coleslaw

avocado + black bean enchiladas

I seriously can’t wait!!! If you’re looking to join me, the fun begins this week with goal setting and prepping for an amazing month.

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS!!!

It’s my jam, ya’ll. If you’re ready to begin YOUR transformation story, make sure to fill out the application below.

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