4 REASONS you NEED ‘booch in your LIFE 🍇

Kombucha is one of my fave drinks (besides wine, DUUUUHHHH) + it’s one of my BEST. ?? KEPT. ??SECRETS. ??

Truth be told…I like to WINE down my weeknights with a glass of something “fancy” and water/sparkling water doesn’t always cut it. And I don’t always wanna blow all my hard work out the window come night time, ya feel me?!

Insert KOMBUCHA!!! ?

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I try to always keep some on hand in my fridge as a way to spice up my evening routine without blowing all of my progress. If you’re newer to ‘BOOCH (as I like to call it) it’s made of green or black tea that has been fermented and usually contains up to .5% alcohol. It’s light, bubbly, refreshing, and has amazing body-loving benefits. And because I love YOU…I want you to hear about these FABULOUS benefits, too.

Kombucha is packed with beneficial bacteria called probiotics. You may have heard that probiotics aid in digestion, but they can also boost your immune system. They block bad bacteria that cause colds from flourishing in your bod. Because…ain’t NOBODY got time for that. There are more specific treatments or medication, like megaspore biotic for example, that are known as probiotics, if you don’t want to use Kombucha.

Since kombucha is made of fermented tea, you also get the benefits of a cuppa! Tea contains anti-aging antioxidants that keep your cells healthy and your skin looking fab. It also helps keep collagen intact, which leads to a more youthful appearance. Win freaking WIN, ya’ll.

I know some people who decide to skip the process of looking for alternative ways to achieve a youthful appearance altogether, and go straight to the option of a facelift or botox instead. Which is fine. My friend did this and said her plastic surgeon at somewhere like Luxurgery NYC helped her confidence to grow, and that was all because of her new-found youthful appearance. But unlike her, I’m trying Kombucha first as it should have the same benefits as what surgery can offer. So hopefully, this will turn out to be successful.

Your daily dose of kombucha can also help ward off heart disease! Studies show that kombucha can decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Seriously…I’m absolutely all about that.

Kombucha has only about 35 calories per serving, while alcohol contains anywhere from 60 to about 120. If you aren’t feeling like vino for #WineDownWednesday, swap in a glass of kombucha. I do it all the time!!! Plus, there are a variety of flavors- some of my FAVES include pink lady apple, watermelon, and lavender!

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