#80daysofSELFCARE {transformation + results}

80. Freaking. Days.
10.4 lbs DOWN.
So. Much. Gained.
And SOOOO many emotions ???

One thing I said to my dear friend, Natalie, when we began this journey was “not everyone is gonna finish.” She was super taken aback by that comment…like…why wouldn’t they?! They’ve invested in themselves. They CAN do it. They have goals to achieve. We have a community to help them through it. Like…what’s holding them back?!

Its M I N D S E T.

That’s what holds us back from what we want. Not time. Not money. Not ability. It’s our own story and excuses that either MAKE US or BREAK US.

We had SO many reasons and opportunities to just GIVE UP + QUIT over the past 3 months. Reasons just like everyone else. But we didn’t. ✨? I’m beyond proud of the 30+ pounds WE LOST TOGETHER since 2018 began. We have spent the first part of the year rewriting our story…and it’s been the most beautiful time together.

I am SO proud of the results that Charles and I got with this program and we are already planning on starting round 2 on the 7th of May right after our B I G wedding day!!! Be sure to apply below if you want to join us!!!


<<< But it’s not JUST US…check out these other transformations >>>

Check out the amazing clients and coaches that are a part of our accountability and support groups and their results!!! Seriously, ya’ll. This was JUST 80 days!!!  You could start your journey now! If you don’t have a coach or you want support hit up  my application at the bottom to join the May 7th 80 Day Obsession Group with me…and the best part!? We are LAUNCHING a MEN’S ONLY group this time around, in addition to our ladies only group!!!

Let us teach you everything that we did to get results. We not only focus on fitness and nutrition but we focus on the mindset that it takes to make a total life transformation that you can continue on for the rest of your life with!!! You in?!


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