Well, we’re about a quarter of the way through another year.

Yeah…1/4 of the way there.

Did that make you sweat a bit?

How are those goals coming along? How’s that resolution?

Maybe you’re crushing it…in which case, VIRTUAL HIGH FIVES FOR YOU, sister!!! That’s amazing.

But maybe, just maybe, you’ve put yourself and those goals on the back burner.

Maybe the winter months dulled your sparkle.

Or maybe you just feel like you’ve lost a little bit of YOU somewhere between that ball dropping and this post you’re reading.

Let’s get it back, my friend.

Starting April 2nd, it’s YOUR time to SHINE in the #mytimetoSHINE Challenge.

I’m all about helping you to achieve the best results possible in your health and happiness journey. And I’m all about doing it together. That’s how I roll. That’s my M.O. Health. Happiness. Together.

And I know you’ve probably got a million questions, so let’s just rip off the band aid and get to talking. Fill out the SELF CARE CHALLENGE Application below and I will be in touch to see if this community is right for YOU!

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