Why I’m PROUD of ME.


I have chosen to be a part of an amazing group of women.

I accept my imperfections and strive everyday to be better than I was yesterday.

I’m feeling sore, so I know I’m getting out of my comfort zone.

For not giving up when it would have been easy to use my surgery as a reason to not get out and walk.

For pushing myself to new limits and not giving up.

This wasn’t me. Those were NOT my words.
This was the beautiful GIFT I woke up to this morning in my challenge group.

This is what is happening.
These are the responses given when one of our #inspirebeauty coaches asked what everyone was MOST proud of.

Notice how no one said “I’m proud of losing 10 pounds last week.”
Notice how these women are proud of their actions.
And how their RESULTS will be a bi-product of their EFFORTS.

What effort have you put in lately towards your self care?
It’s never too late to start over.
You don’t have to wait.
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