“ACHIEVE” in 2018.

Last year I began the therapeutic and, sometimes, challenging process of creating a mantra and sticking to it throughout the year.


Those are the words that played on a loop in my mind throughout 2017.


To your health.

To others.

To your family.

To your spirituality.

To your self care.

To naps.

To laughter.

To hard things.


And that served me SO well last year. So well, that I really had a difficult time finding a new mantra for 2018.

Showing up taught me how to be more in tune with myself and present with my current needs. Showing up allowed me to practice discipline when I needed it most. And through all the effort, showing up gave me a beautiful return on my investment. A clearer mind. Better relationships. A more sound understanding of my faith. A voice. And a confidence that is unlike one I’ve ever cultivated. It feels REAL. It doesn’t feel cocky or for show. It’s authentic. SHOWING UP unveiled more of ME.

But 2018 is upon us and this year I want to take all of the patience, discipline, and determination SHOWING UP taught me and combine that effort into one word.


Be a woman in the Word of God. every. single. day. Keep building that relationship with your Heavenly Father. Surround yourself with those who will continue to foster your spiritual growth. Give thanks, always. Life is oh, so good.


Marry that man already. CELEBRATE. Vacation together. Explore. Laugh. Keep filling your home with LOVE. Heck…start working to OWN a home in the first place. Make time for meals, prayer, and honest conversations. Ask how your day was and LISTEN. Make space for memories. Snuggle more.


“Joanna Gaines” the HECK outta your goals, Britt. Stop settling because it’s comfortable Be bold. Go for it. Wake up. Be present. Show up. Sweat it out. Live healthy. Mind. Body. Spirit. Influence others to do the same. Walk that stage and link arms with the women who make up your TRIBE. They are worth it. You are worth it.


Buy that bathing suit and rock it on the beach. Celebrate early, quiet, weekday mornings. Be a pineapple. Stand tall and wear that crown, sister. Take care of your skin…you’re gettin’ old and it shows. Delight in the journey. Stop and breathe in the destination. Tally up those books. You don’t have to be like them. You’re different, darling.

ACHIEVE in 2018.

What about you? What are YOU trying to cultivate in 2018?!

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