The BEST Accountability on the PLANET ๐ŸŒŽ


I WOULDNโ€™T be on my health/fitness journey going 4+ years strong if I wasnโ€™t a coach.

No, but seriously. Don’t just scroll by. Stay awhile and hear me out.

For YEARS I was that girl who struggled with my weight, my nutrition, and my life. I tried SO MANY TIMES to get healthy but the biggest struggle I had was STICKING WITH IT!

Iโ€™d go to the gym for a week or two…wouldn’t see results…then would STOP.

I tried eating healthy, but GIRL LIKES TO EAT, so Iโ€™d get frustrated, start feeling deprived…and then Iโ€™d STOP…at the McDonalds drive thru (if I’m being honest ๐Ÿคฃ)

I bought into the magic wraps, the diet pills that โ€œburn fatโ€, the weight loss drinks and I would do them for a little bit , also get frustrated that those quick fixes werenโ€™t working and Iโ€™d STOP.

Do you see a theme here?!
When things didn’t happen when I wanted or things got too uncomfortable…I’d STOP.

Here’s the deal, though.
I KNEW what I was suppose to do, but I simply lacked the structure and accountability to actually STICK TO IT.

Maybe you’re a STOPPER, too.

YOU GUYS…the moment I became a coach EVERYTHING changed.
People were (are) COUNTING ON ME.
I realized that in order for me to help others in their journey, I had NO CHOICE but to stick with my own journey.
Coaching doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t fulfilling your OWN, personal SELF CARE GOALS.

And so, here I am.
4+ YEARS later.
Still workin’ on MYSELF.
All because of this coaching gig.

Want accountability?! Rip off that band aid and start sharing your journey for others. You’ll be surprised who you INSPIRE through your journey, my friend. There’s an application below. I’m waiting for YOU, sister.

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