How Can I Afford Shakeology?!

Picture this: You’re sitting on the couch after eating half of a pizza, feeling all the grease and salt and fat sitting in your stomach like a rock.

Ugh, I have to start eating healthy,” you think. But then you think, “Ugh, I can’t. It’s expensive, I hate vegetables, and I have no time to cook.”

But here’s the thing: Eating healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ways to eat more veggies, even if you “hate” them. You can prepare a whole week of food without turning on your stove. (I repeat: a week of food = no cooking required).

One of the key tools for making all this goodness happen? Shakeology.

This superfood protein shake works out to about $4.33 per serving. It includes a variety of nutrients, including antioxidants, fiber, digestive enzymes, pre- and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. All you have to do is whip up a delicious shake with ice and water to start your day off right.

For practical tips on how to make Shakeology a part of a healthy lifestyle and keep your wallet happy, check out my simple tips for how to afford Shakeology on a tight monthly budget.

How I Can Afford the Price of Shakeology

I’ve got to admit, I didn’t always love Shakeology. Even though I researched Shakeology’s ingredients and thought they were amazing, for a long time, I was into making my own superfood smoothies. I like to EAT my food…not drink it. Right?!

Due to my teacher budget, I thought that making my own smoothies from scratch was the best I could do, and the best I could afford. I was wrong. There was a better option out there.

And the thing is…Shakeology is not a “cheap” solution. I get that. But with just a few tweaks, you will be able to afford it and it will be so worth it. One of the most common ways people waste money is by overpaying on their utility bills. It is easy to renew our deals with companies each year, but this will most likely cost us hundreds of pounds extra each year. This is because companies offer cheap rates to get you to join them – once you have joined and they’d had your custom for a while, they aren’t as fussed. This is especially true for electricity bills, which is why it is important to compare electricity rates. I sorted out all of my bills, but also made some changed to my spending habits and I found affording Shakeology extremely doable and I haven’t looked back!!! Here’s how I did it >>>

Price of a bag of Shakeology

How I Can Afford TWO bags of Shakeology Every Month

Things I DO NOT buy:

• I DO NOT buy bottled water. The price of water in a bottle is ridiculous! I have a filter and make my own bottled water.

• I DO NOT buy fancy coffee drinks.

• I DO NOT buy gum, candy, cookies, any snackie things, or desserts. It wouldn’t make any sense to care enough about my health that I buy the best shake on the planet to nourish myself with and then turn around and tear down my health by filling my body with junk food.

• I DO NOT eat out very often. Some months, I’ll eat out twice, other months, I eat out zero. I buy good food from the store and make good meals at home.

• I DO NOT have a gym membership. Instead, I work out right in my living room, at the touch of the remote, with Beachbody On Demand programs that are created by some of the best trainers on the planet. Plus, it costs me ZERO gallons of gas getting to and from my workouts.

• I DO NOT buy extra vitamins and minerals. Because Shakeology delivers dense superfood ingredients, and with my healthy eating strategy I do not need additional supplements.

Why I Think Shakeology Is a Great Deal

• Shakeology helps curb my junk food cravings. Because it’s so nutritionally dense, Shakeology gives my body what it needs in a form that can be easily absorbed. Plus, it’s so incredibly delicious that it feels like I’m having a treat. It’s the best of both worlds!

• Shakeology is soooooooo convenient. I just add it to water and it mixes easily.

• Shakeology is packed with superfoods. I used to buy separate superfoods to add to my smoothies. Then I realized that I was spending way more on my separate superfoods per month, even from discount sources, than I would spend on Shakeology.

Compared to what I used to spend, I’m actually saving money by purchasing Shakeology!

Why My Body Loves This Stuff

Before becoming a Shakeology fan, when I looked into the ingredients of other shakes there was always something in them that made it a compromise for my health goals.

I deal with anxiety and depression and fueling my body PROPERLY is important to me. Shakeology is the first shake that is filled with ingredients that help boost my mood naturally and aid in the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. I drink the vegan flavors and have been thriving on them. A lot of people think that they aren’t able to do this type of thing or supplement on a vegan diet because they have dairy in or they use gelatine capsules but this isn’t true! There are nearly always vegan alternatives out there. You just need to do your research to find the vegan flavors of Shakeology, the pea protein isolate you can use instead of whey protein, etc. because whatever you need to supplement your diet with, there’s always a vegan option. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, bulk up, or stay slim!

During the time that I thought I could not afford Shakeology, even though I was very impressed with it, I still thought I didn’t need it.

It wasn’t until I began drinking it that I realized what a treasure it truly is. And I have never wavered in my conviction that I will always drink Shakeology. And yes, I drink it every single day.

Vanilla Shakeology in a blender

One Shake a Day Keeps Me A-OK

I believe that Shakeology affects my body in the best possible way when I drink it every day. If I were to drink it every other day, my results would not be as great. If I were to only drink it a couple times a week, my results would be even less.

I get great results, only because I drink it every single day. It’s my secret weapon. It wasn’t until I had it in my hands and had been using it every day for a few days that I realized what a difference Shakeology could make in my life, and I have not been wrong about that.

It is so powerful, simply because it is a blend of some of the most densely nutritious ingredients that money can buy – and to me, it’s worth it. I am worth it. My health is worth it.

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