A few weeks ago, Charlie and I decided to be morning workout buddies…which if you know us, know that THAT is not our style.

Charlie likes to cycle.
I like to do yoga.
Charlie likes the treadmill.
I prefer to run outside.

So this new adventure has been interesting, but it’s also been incredibly beautiful to our relationship.

πŸ’—We laugh together before 7am.
πŸ’—We struggle together and push each other.
πŸ’—We hug and kiss and poke each other in mid plank.
πŸ’—And we get to say β€œgreat job…you did it…I’m proud of you…thank you.”

Things that can easily be left unsaid.

Maybe you’re reading this and wishing your spouse would work out with you.
Or maybe you have a child that you wish would put down the phone and be a part of the living world.
Or you might just need a community that could cheer you on.

Regardless the case, I’ve got you sister. Having a PARTNER in your health journey is KEY. But here’s the deal…ONLY YOU can make that happen. I can’t read your mind or “drag” you into this. You’ve gotta take that leap. You’ve gotta be the one who says “I’m ready”…even if you aren’t!!!

Are you ready to be ready, sister?! Fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch with you soon!!!

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