10 Tips to Help You Get (or Stay) Fit This Holiday Season 🥂

If you know me…you know I hate the whole “New Years Resolution” thing. Seriously, ya’ll.

Don’t wait for January to get in shape.

Start building muscle, burning fat, and checking off resolutions RIGHT NOW with this month-long guide for beating the holiday bulge and sculpting (or keeping) the body you’ve always wanted. Check out my TOP 10 FAVE tips from the Beachbody Blog.

1. Have a Bite Before You Go Out

2. Grab a Friend

3. Keep Calories in Perspective

4. Don’t Skip Your Workouts

5. Have to Eat Out? Order Your Lunch Online

6. Take a Deep Breath

7. Don’t Skip Breakfast

8. Drink a Glass of Water Between Drinks

9. Get a Massage or a Foam Roller

10. Run for 15 Minutes

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📷: Beachbody Blog

BONUS TIP >>> Really Think About Those Resolutions

The scope of your New Year’s resolutions is just as important as the resolutions themselves. Sure, you want to lose weight and build strength, but do your resolutions line up with where you want to be in 10 years? Let’s start this journey together!!!

Are you ready to dive into those goals?! Share them with me below!!! I can’t wait to chat with you and watch you SHINE this holiday season!!!

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