The next few weeks is going to be filled with parties, travel, family time, and all sorts of YUMMY Thanksgiving foods and drinks! And while these are all going to be fun times, I already know that my body is going to need a little “refresh” once I get home and settled.

And here’s the deal…you can workout all you want, but its the nutrition that matters most! Abs are made in the kitchen, right?!

Time to get serious…

Start date set. And now I’m assembling my TRIBE to help push me and support me for those three days (Nov. 27 – 29).

I have done the refresh once before so I know what to expect and I KNOW support is KEY!!! Are you in?!

<<< Here’s an idea of what our food will look like >>>

Breakfast – Shakeology

Mid-morning Snack – Fiber Sweep

Lunch – Salad with 1/3 cup blueberries and Vanilla refresh with 6 strawberries (yes, I split up my fruit so I could enjoy some in my shake and some with my salad – this isn’t my first rodeo!!!)

Afternoon Snack – cucumbers and hummus

Dinner – Lemon green beans with almonds and a vanilla refresh with cinnamon

I’ll be enjoying 2 glasses of iced green tea each day and we’ll be sure to drink more water than we’ve ever thought was possible! We’ve GOT THIS, ya’ll.


My results from the first time are not jaw dropping…however I did lose 2 pounds and a total of 4 inches between my hips, waist and bellybutton. And above all else – I felt better – which was why I want to do this post TURKEY DAY!!!

Are you pumped to get started on the 3-day refresh WITH ME and continue a lifestyle of clean eating and exercise even through the holidays?! If so…check out the link below to join me.


<<< ALREADY HAVE Shakeology?! CLICK HERE to JOIN!!! >>>

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