When will it {finally} be YOUR TIME?!

I feel like this past week I have talked to MORE PEOPLE who seriously LIMIT THEMSELVES to mediocrity due to EXCUSES than ever. 😳😳😳

It’s out of control, y’all.

“I’m too tired”
“I am SO busy”
“I’m battling an injury”
“I don’t have time”
“I wish I could be in shape but I don’t like working out or eating right”
“I’m not a morning person so I don’t want to get up 30 minutes earlier”

On the left is after insanity, on the right is after finally finding SUPPORT.

Let me be real with you. And if you got offended a little by my list of excuses, I hope you keep reading.

My mom has a small fracture in her foot and she has shown up for YOGA every single day this month.

My soul-sista-wine-lover had cancer removed this summer and has been ON POINT with her nutrition and feeding her mind with positive messages.

My sister in law planned her wedding and showed up EVERY DAY until she said I DO.

I have MOMMAS, TEACHERS, BAND PEEPS, and more who all SHOW UP regardless if they are morning people or have the money or whatever. They do it because THEY are worth it.

One of my band director friends even biked to work today because she “didn’t have time.”

It’s not your injury or lack of energy keeping you from your goals, friend.
It’s YOU. 💗💗💗

WHEN I STARTED my fitness adventure, I had MULTIPLE JOBS and worked WELL over 80 hours a week.
I still “found the time” and energy…because I was WORTH IT.

I have challengers that have 3-4 kids AND work multiple jobs and they are making it happen.
Because they are WORTH IT.

We all have the SAME 24 hours in a day, so your excuse is not valid. #sorrynotsorry😂

The DAY you decide that you want to CHANGE more than you want to stay the same is the day EVERYTHING on your list of reasons why you can’t won’t matter anymore.

The fact is, you ACTUALLY CAN.

You just need to decide WHEN. ✨

SO…maybe it’s time. GOOD. <3 This OCTOBER, we’ve got TWO special places for you to be- #presentOVERperfect ROUND 2 OR PREPARE to be OBSESSED. CLICK on the link that interests you to JOIN.

Let’s do this, sister!!! It’s {finally} YOUR TIME!!!


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