#presentOVERperfect ROUND 2

Hey sista!!! I hope today’s blog finds your fall off to a FABULOUS start.

For me, fall is always a time to reflect and slow down.
But, I will quickly admit, I have a habit of go-go-go and rarely do I just stop and enjoy the ride.

 Sound familiar to anyone else?!?!

Its “HARD” to stop and smell the roses!!! But its also EASY to see the need for a change and make a decision to do so!

 So starting OCTOBER 9th, I am making a commitment and I want you to make the commitment, too!

To being #presentOVERperfect.

We’ll not only focus on our fitness and nutrition, but also on giving ourselves love and grace along the way. All through a community of support and connection.

Moments to pause.

Honoring our body and LISTENING to our body.


 Health. Grace. Connection.

 3 weeks, sister. — I provide the tools — You provide the commitment

You READY?!?!

If you’ve made it this far, and you’re not serious…go on ahead and close this email now. 😉 If you are serious, though, keep scrolling to hear all of the details PLUS how to reserve your spot. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


We will be using the Beachbody Challenge Tracker app for our group. This app works on all android and iOs devices and will be our “home base” for the challenge. My groups are limited to my personal clients, so please make sure you fill out the application OR email me >>> brittany@runtoyourhappyplace.com

Our group will run 4 weeks.

Planning/prep week from OCT. 9th- OCT. 15th.

Then 3 weeks of dedicated and focused SELF LOVE from OCT 16 – NOV 4th.

My goals are to help you find a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle, help/improve overall nutrition, and provide a supportive network of women to EMPOWER one another to be the best, brightest, and SHINIEST YOU!

 I will provide you with:

-Healthy Meal Plans included in a weekly motivational email

-Meal planning assistance

-1:1 support along your fitness journey

-Daily motivation and accountability in our private app

 You will get:

-Amazing results…as long as you stick with me!

 I will be taking on 10 new soul sistas for #presentOVERperfect – 10 ladies who are ready for a lifestyle change and to be the BEST they can be!

My friend, it’s time to take care of YOU!!!
If you’ve made it THIS far in my email, then I KNOW you’re the kinda soul-sista I’m looking for.
I know you’re interested.

Let’s make this the month that you finally commit to being PRESENT to YOURSELF.





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