Same Tank // Different Heart 💗

🍍I’m just gonna leave this right here…

On the left: year ago
On the right: NOW

Same tank.
Different heart underneath.

People tell me all the time that they are inspired by my journey.

That’s cool and all, but you have to know what is really behind that inspiration.

Times when I didn’t think I could do any more.

It hasn’t been an easy process, but I don’t believe in quick fixes. I believe in hard work and putting in the effort.

A year can seem like a long time.
But a year also FLIES BY!!!

I know this is gonna be a holiday weekend.
I know kids are going back to school.
Marching band season is crazy.
Work is draining you.
It’s easier to just ignore the way you’re really feeling.

I get it.
But I also CLEARLY get how it feels to not be 💯 % confident in my own skin.
I can remember going to pool parties and being embarrassed to even wear a swimsuit.

You can catch me pool side this weekend!

My mission is to RID women of feeling that way.
I can’t guarantee that you’ll get amazing results (and if some other person tries to…I’d RUN from them), but I can guarantee that you’ll never KNOW unless you START.

You won’t have ANY results if you never begin.
That much I can guarantee.

And if you’re willing to go ALL IN with me….MAN OH MAN you will SHOCK yourself!
There’s so much more in you, sister!
#presentoverperfect is HAPPENING this fall. Are you going to watch or be a part of it?! The application below is WAITING for you, sister.


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