I’m BEYOND PUMPED to bring you a brand new fitness challenge this week!

Last month we ROCKED the SOCKS off of MASON JAR MEAL PREP in our free Facebook community, but this month I wanted to take it up a notch.

It’s the fall. We’re getting back into a routine and the groove of things. First we focused on our nutrition and planning for success, but NOW it’s time to sweat!

Each day for the next 5 days, I will be sharing a BRAND NEW workout. I’ve combined some of my FAVE moves to help you get FIT this FALL and I hope you fall in love with them as much as I do!!!

Alright, let’s check out DAY ONE.


Equipment Needed- Medium to Light set of weights🙂

Complete each circuit for a total of 4 times each. You can do all of your rounds before moving on to the next exercise OR you can move through each circuit once and then repeat three more times. Don’t forget to play along! Share your sweaty selfie on social media using the hashtags #fitfallFAVES and #runtoyourhappyplace. 🙂 <3


  • LUNGE to OVERHEAD PRESS- Start with feet together, weights by your side. Keeping the weights by your side, step back with your right foot and lunge down until you create a 90 degree angle with both knees. As you hold the lunge, complete one overhead press. Return back to the top and repeat with your left foot. Right and left counts as 1 rep. You will do 10 reps in each round!

  • PUSH UP PLANK w/ TWIST- Begin in a strong plank position- hands under your shoulders, feet in line with your hips, body in one straight line (hips not raised or sagging). Complete one full push up. Place right hand in line with the center of your face and rotate your hips towards the left. You can leave your left hand on your hip OR you can extend your fingertips to the sky. Return to your original plank position and then switch to the other side. Each twist counts as one rep, for a total of 10 (5 on each side). Modification- drop to your knees.

  • STIFF LEG DEAD LIFT w/ BICEP CURL- Stand with your feet hip width apart, spine straight, slight bend in your knees. Holding your weights along the front of your thighs, slowly begin to lower the weights down, while keeping your back flat. Stop when you create a 90 degree angle with your upper body and lower body. Return to standing and complete one bicep curl. Repeat 15 times for one round.

  • SQUAT to UPRIGHT ROW- Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, spine straight. Hold your weights in front of your thighs and send your hips back into a squat position. Be mindful that your knees are going directly over your toes to prevent injury. Return to standing and complete one upright row, hands no higher than your shoulders, elbows reaching outward. Lower the weights and complete 15 times for one round.

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