#transformationtuesday: SHIFT SHOP SPOTLIGHT STORIES

I’m venturing into my 5th week of a new at home workout that I’ve been doing called SHIFT SHOP and all around me I’m witnessing MASSIVE transformation happening- internally AND externally. My life is shifting, but I’m also getting the gift of watching OTHER women have real life change, too. It’s pretty incredible!!!

Today, though, I wanted to take the spotlight off of my transformation and share with you THREE of my dearest friends, coaches, and challengers who have also MADE THE SHIFT.

You’ll hear from Julianne Condia, who was part of the TEST GROUP for this program and got to see the game changing results before any of us. We get to meet Kristie Campo, who is a teacher and mama, trying to find balance with all that she juggles WHILE STILL putting her self care in the mix. And finally, we’ve got my teammate, Becca Vogt. Becca hates working out. She doesn’t enjoy it. Can you relate? Watching her journey unfold over the course of three weeks and seeing her MINDSET shift was beyond inspiring. She really believes that if SHE can do it, so can YOU!

Anyways…enough from me! Let’s here their perspective.

JC: My favorite part of the Shift Shop was how incredibly encouraging Chris Downing is as a trainer. He made me feel like I could do anything. I loved how much of a shift you make mentally through these workouts. He inspires and empowers you to grow and become more confident in who you are and who you want to become.

KC: My favorite part of Shift Shop was that Chris took the time to explain the modified version. Because my knees give out on me I often have to modify anything with a hop or jump (which is most of every workout 😉). I usually end up feeling guilty or like I’m not working as hard as everyone else too. The modified exercises were still challenging and I felt like he really encouraged me to push through as well. I would attempt the different moves but when I had to move to the modifier I didn’t feel bad about it.

BV: I loved feeling stronger and stronger each time I did the workout, since I always had three chances to get better! Chris Downing is such a motivational coach, he always knew what to say when you needed it to keep you going.

UM…can we just stop and admire Julianne’s ABS for a moment?!?! This was 3 weeks, ya’ll, of dedicated action!!!

JC: My biggest non-scale victory was sticking 100% to the meal plan. I have never done that before and my body felt like a machine. I couldn’t believe the difference in my energy and overall mood. I had doubted myself with following a nutrition guide completely, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I crushed it. I felt like a million dollars once the program was completed.

KC: My biggest non-scale victory was improving my stamina on different moves. As the weeks progressed I was able to do different moves for longer periods of time before moving to the modifier (if I had to). Shift Shop helped me really see that my best was good enough for me. I made the shift from comparing myself to others and pushing my self to my next level.

BV: My biggest non-scale victory was upping my 5lb weights to 10lb weights for the strength exercises! I also was able to do a full out push up for the first time since HS! Feeling that strength building was incredible.

Kristie came to me not thinking she had the TIME for working out. And look what happened in less than two months!

JC: My number one advice to you: show up for yourself. I think we make tons of excuses of why we can do this or that, but it’s time for you to show yourself that you are worth it. This program will change the game for you. Your mindset will be different. Your confidence will grow. You will see how incredible it is to truly stick to something. Don’t guarantee your failure by quitting or simply never starting. Trust this journey! It’s a beautiful ride!

KC: My advice is to push through, create routine and when it doesn’t seem to be working— keep going. When you persevere through the excuses it makes you that much stronger and then you begin seeing results again. It comes and goes throughout the process! It’s more about growing your belief in yourself than just losing weight.

BV: My advice would be to take the leap. This program is brilliant because it starts you out slow, and then gradually builds the intensity. Getting to week 3 with 45 minute workouts was intimidating before I started, but starting with 25 then 35 minutes really made the shift not difficult at all! I encourage you to just GO FOR IT! You won’t regret creating a better version of yourself.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw what three weeks of CONSISTENT effort did for Becca. Aren’t her results AMAZING?!

I’m honestly sitting here with tears rolling down my face as I put the finishing touches on this blog.


I know these workouts I do WORK.

I know there is POWER in a community of women HOLDING EACH OTHER UP, not tearing one another down.

I believe in the gift of SHARING our struggles and our realness, in order for others to not feel so alone.

But seeing and hearing it unfold in other women’s lives. Well…that leaves me speechless.

If you’re inspired, curious, or just plain sick of feeling the way you do…fill out the application and give this workout a try. I’d love to see YOU make the shift!

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