SHIFT SHOP Week 2 RECAP + Week 3 Planning & Prep

I can’t believe that TWO weeks have already passed and that I’m already gearing up for WEEK 3!!!

And just like that, though, I’m workouts away from the completion of SHIFT SHOP.


⚠️You don’t want to keep pausing in front of the mirror to do double takes of your abs.

⚠️You don’t want to fit into those pants that you’ve placed in the bottom of your drawer (you know the ones I’m talking about)

⚠️You don’t want to feel EMPOWERED and STRONG.

⚠️You don’t want to randomly bust out a in hungry bear, just cause you can.


This program is for EVERYONE and I’m seriously so in love with my progress so far! Check out the the side by sides!!!

Anyways…back to WEEK 2. This week wasn’t so bad. The workouts increased by 10 minutes (from 25 minutes to 35 minutes) and the STRENGTH 35 was hands down, my FAVE workout so far! I decided to go with a set of 7, 10, and 15 pound weights this week and really am starting to see some nice tone happening in my body. I swear I keep doing double takes of myself when I walk past the mirror!

My legs and hips are super tired and sore from this week as well as my obliques, so my yoga practice this morning was the perfect way to wrap up WEEK 2.

Week 3 is going to come with some challenges, but here’s the deal…I already anticipate them, so I can PREPARE for them.

I will be traveling this week to DCI finals in Indianapolis and will stay on track all the way through my final workout Saturday. I purchased salads that I’m packing for the flight and for lunches and I will be sticking to fruits, veggies, nuts, and my Shakeology BIG TIME while I’m on the go. I know I can do this!!!

So now, I’ll be working on WEEK 3 Shift Shop Meal Plan for the last and final week of round 1.  This week my workouts go up another 10 minutes.  So the workouts are 45 minutes each day with 2 days where I add on the 10 minute abs.  The intensity is going to grow and I totally know that I’ll be challenged! While I travel I know I’ll have a fitness center with weights and I’ll pack my agility markers. The program can be downloaded on my phone/laptop or I can stream it if the wifi is good. Either way, I’m SET!!!

I am ready for you WEEK 3…bring it on!!!

The Shift Shop WEEK 3 Workouts-

Monday:  Speed 45

Tuesday:  Strength 45

Wednesday:  Speed 45

Thursday:  Strength 45 and Abs

Friday:  Speed 45

Saturday:  Strength 45 and Abs

Sunday:  Yoga

It’s going to be a fun week and I can’t wait to dive in. Make sure to follow along on my Instagram and Facebook pages. And if you’re ready to make the SHIFT, we’ve got a new round starting on Aug. 14th! I’d love to have you. Stay in the loop by filling out the submission form below!

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