Mason Jar Meals {free 5 day challenge}

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Creating a healthy lifestyle is all about having a plan, my friend, and this group is EXACTLY the place to begin creating a solid foundation for how you’re spending your time. Seriously…join us over there! It’s gonna be FUN!!!

Being healthy cannot happen by chance. There’s just simply too much temptation in our lives. When I’m hungry, I’m certainly not going for the salad. When I’m tired, I’ll most definitely skip my workout. Making a plan and prepping yourself for a SUCCESSFUL week is the most important component to a healthy lifestyle. This group is going to teach you the basics behind this skill.

This week, we’re gonna focus on making our lives EASIER by planning some quick {and yummy} make ahead mason jar meals. I hope you’re pumped!!! Let’s dive in!!!

Breakfast Options

I have provided 4 options for you to explore for BREAKFAST this week. Please keep in mind that the first option (overnight oats) serves 2 and the other three options are single serving. Mix and match and decide how you’d like to add these yummy meals into your morning routine!

Lunch Options

Again, I’ve provided four various options. Each recipe serves 4, so I’m going to have each of them twice. Let me break down what that looks like: Monday and Tuesday, Charlie and I will eat the Southwestern Black Bean + Corn Salad, Wed. and Thurs. we will eat the Pesto Pasta Salad, Friday and Saturday we will eat the Greek Salad. Does that make sense? I hope so! I’m going to omit the Asian Salad from my lineup this week, so I don’t have waste! If you are doing this solo, maybe pick one or two recipes that sound good to you and make them for the week! The key here is not to break your wallet or have waste, so this is where planning ahead comes in handy!

Keep in mind, too, that the chicken can be omitted if you are looking for veggie options or a quicker prep time! If you do add chicken into your pesto pasta and/or Asian salad, I suggest baking off some chicken while you are prepping everything else (i.e. the rice and pasta + veggie chopping), so that you can chop it up and add it in!


Ya’ll. I get it. I know that snacking is like your FAVE thing…it’s mine, too. 🙂

Just because I love you and I wanted to add a little bonus to this, here are some fun and flavorful ways to mason-jar-up your snack time!

 Alright! I think that’s it! I can’t wait to show you this weekend how I’m prepping and putting it all together! Make sure to join us over in our private Facebook group for all of the FUN!!!


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