I want to talk today about the word “FAILURE.”

First I want to say that there is NO achievement without failure. So right there, you should feel pretty good and off the hook a bit. Failure is inevitable. It is the ebb and flow of a journey. Failure is more common, actually, than success. In life, the question is not IF you will have problems, but HOW you are going to deal with your problems.

FAILURE is a word, if you’re anything like me, that you might tend to throw around when speaking of mistakes or missteps you’ve made. But I don’t think we are accurately portraying what failure actually HELPS with. In moments of “feeling” like a failure, I want you to remember some KEY things!

Here are some things I want you to remember about failure:

It is NOT AVOIDABLE. Everybody fails, messes up, and makes mistakes. It’s called being human.

It is NOT OBJECTIVE. You are the only person who can truly label what you do {or don’t do} as a failure.

It is NOT THE ENEMY. Think of each mistake as FERTILIZER. Everything you learn through failures allows you the opportunity to be better the next time around. We only truly “fail” when we continue to make the same mistakes and never grow. Use failure as fuel to ignite you towards your goals. 

It is NOT IRREVERSIBLE. So you failed?! Cool. Get over it and move on. Learn the lesson. Cut the guilt. Be a better YOU. It’s that simple (or is it?!). It is, guys. We overcomplicate things. Learn from your mistakes and move on better. 

It is NOT FINAL. Again…so you made a mistake? Does that mean you just give up? Not you. Not the women in this group. You are FAR TOO GOOD and FAR TOO WORTH IT to do that. So dust off your shoes and move into next week knowing that there’s room from growth and improvement! 

It’s all about how you think of it, ladies. Start thinking of failure as a catalyst to success.

How have you “failed” this week? Share it with me in the comments and also share how that situation is helping you to move forward to a better, brighter, and shinier YOU!

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