August Goals ✨🍍

Can you believe it’s freaking AUGUST already?! Like almost back to school, pumpkin everything, eat all the candy, shop for turkeys, wrap the presents August?!?! Basically, it’s Christmas, ya’ll. 🙂

But seriously, I love new months. I love a clean slate. I love to look back at where I rocked and where I fell short and then work to improve upon it all day by day. Chipping it out as the month rolls on. For me, it’s like this:

Dream big.

Set goals.

Break them down into bite sized pieces.

And then go to work.

But that took years of practice and I get that not everyone is like that. What goals did you set back in January that may have fallen to the wayside? What would you like to accomplish with the remaining 5 months of this year? Will you vow to #ampupyourAugust and ROCK YOUR AUGUST GOALS with me?!?!

Check out my AUGUST goals!

Health/Fitness- Start and Complete the FULL Shift Shop program (nutrition included!)

Spiritual- Prepare myself to lead a women’s lifegroup in the FALL by DEVOTIONAL time FIRST in my day.

Relationship- Take Charles out on a post DCI date.

Fun- Register Frankie for a wiener dog race and WIN!!!

Business- Help 20 women this month jumpstart their way to health and happiness.

Finance- Bring the balance of my BOA credit card down to $0.

Home- Refinish the bookshelf, change the lighting in the dining room to be brighter, and complete our Scripture artwork over the bed.


I 💗 a new month, y’all.

And August?!
Well…let’s just say it’s going to be AMAZING!!!

🍍#summerofME round THREE launches. THE FINAL ROUND OF THE SUMMER!!!
🍍DCI finals in INDY with Charles and his amazing team at Santa Clara Vanguard!!!
🍍Our COACHES in #inspirebeauty are RISING UP to the occasion and kicking off a fun challenge called Team Cup.
🍍SHIFT SHOP OFFICIALLY launched 🚀 and we’ve got round TWO of our VIP PARTY to test it out!!!

You can sit and watch my August unfold…or you can join me. I know I say this all the time, but you’ve got to know that there truly is no “perfect” time to join me. The timing will be perfect when you finally make the decision to just do it.

Who is ready to make the last half of 2017 #strongerthanIstarted?! 🍍Fill out the application below and let’s get you ROCKIN’ this August!!

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