5 Time Saving Tips for BUSY Women ⏰

As the summer days start to wind down and we get back into a rhythm of school, work, and all the things that go with the fall season, I start to hear my friends tell me more and more “Brittany, I’m so busy. I wish I had the time for _______.”

Here’s the deal.

You’re not busy. You just haven’t figured out how to prioritize and manage your time in order to attain your goals. Regardless if you want to carve out 30 minutes for a workout each day, spend more time sitting in stillness, get more sleep, start a side hustle, or finally have some time to finish that Pinterest project you pinned over a year ago, I really think these 5 tips will help you “find” some extra time in your day.

And girlfriend? You deserve it!

Say “NO” more often.

In a world where we don’t want to disappoint others, we often find ourselves becoming the ones who we let down. Learning how to say “no” to things which did not align with my top priorities and goals was HUGE. It’s not an easy task…and it takes practice, but if you’re chronically saying “yes” to everyone and everything that comes your way, you’re ultimately saying “no” to the things that matter most. Pause. Ask yourself if saying “yes” will serve you and if the answer is no, then kindly say “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

Get RID of the morning RUSH.

When mornings are chaotic, you feel exhausted before you’ve even left the house. That trickles down into everything else for the remainder of your day. Do yourself a favor and streamline that morning rush! Most of your stress can be reduced by prepping the evening before. Get the coffee maker set and a mug out. Set out your workout clothes. Have your lunch + snacks already packed. Get off of social media first thing in the AM.

Schedule in your ME time.

Just like any other important meeting, if it isn’t on your schedule, it’ll end up to chance. If you need an hour to yourself – for a workout, to work on a special project you’ve been dying to try, or even just to soak in a bath and sip some wine – you NEED to put it on the calendar. Just like we make time for the grocery store or the kid’s ballet class, we have to make time for ourselves, too!

Put yourself FIRST.

If you say “I’ll workout later today when everything else is done” you won’t. Plain and simple. Things that you need to get done for YOU must happen first or else they become left to chance. Trust me…it’s WAY easier to workout at 5am than when the couch is calling your name at 5pm.

Track how you SPEND your time.

Honestly, most of the ladies I talk to tell me they are SO busy…and I get it. I really do. But we all have the same 24 hours in a day. So let’s drop the “busy” and let’s take ownership of what we’re saying “yes” to that is occupying our time. Keep a journey for a week or two and detail everything you spend your time doing. Where are the time suckers? Where are you wasting time that isn’t productive towards you, your family, or your goals? Identifying these areas can be KEY to creating change. All of a sudden, you may find that you actually DO have time to get that workout in after all!


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