5 things you GAIN from LOSING weight

I know.

I know.

We all just wanna look good in our skinny jeans this fall. I get it…seriously, I do.

But visual benefits are NOT the only reason to get your heart rate pumpin’. Even if your “after” pics seem REALLY far away…the benefits of regular exercise and healthier eating habits can have a HUGE impact on your overall health! Check out the 5 things you GAIN when you start to LOSE those pounds.


One of the BIG reasons I tend to skip my workout is because I’m feeling tired. Anyone else? But your workout actually helps increase your daily energy and then allows for your body to rest and rebuild properly in the night. Want better sleep? Get a workout in.


There’s a reason this blog is called runtoyourhappyplace. It’s because running allowed me the space and time to just let my mind unwind. If I was mad or sad or confused or looking for a solution…I put on my shoes and allowed the pace of my run to declutter my thoughts. Working out reduces stress naturally and it’s what I call my “free therapy session” each and every day.


It’s not a mystery that excess weight can lead to excess pressure on your joints. This extra pressure can affect your workouts, making it much more painful. Starting to feel those aches and pains each day? Rather than dealing with it and assuming that’s how it has to be, try moving your body and reducing the strain it has to carry.


The journey to weight loss can be one of the most empowering things you do. And that feeling can reach from your head to your toes. It affects EVERYTHING! This new confidence boost will also start to trickle out into your family, work, and relationships.


Okay. So if you’re sleeping better, you have less stress, your body is feeling good, and you just feel G O O D on the inside, too, let’s be real…you’re gonna be better at what you do. Quicker. More effective. Boosted creativity. Less procrastination. All amazing things, right? It’s not mystery…when I take care of my body, the rest of my life flows so much smoother, too.

I know. I know. Getting healthy…and all that it entails…is often easier said than done. And I’m ALL TOO familiar with the excuses that we come up with to avoid getting started. “I’ll wait for New Year’s” anyone?!

But a healthy body isn’t built in a day, or a week, or a month. With small changes here and there, consistency, and motivation, you can start a ripple effect that will put you on the path to better health for the rest of your life.

Need help diving into your journey?! I’d love to help! Just fill out the application below and let’s start GAINING together.

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