Week 1 is OFFICIALLY in the books and tomorrow I dive into week 2 with 20 other amazing ladies…all working on making a SHIFT in their health, mind, and life. Week 1 had a ton of challenges, but that didn’t stop me from holding my own and not giving in to temptation.

It was TEMPTING to skip my workouts when I was sore.

It was TEMPTING to eat {just one} Hershey kiss after dinner.

It was TEMPTING to go off the deep end.

But I didn’t!!! Tempted, yes. Gave in? Heck NO!!!

Week 1 workouts were all 25 minutes and alternated between SPEED and STRENGTH with 2 days of additional 12 minutes of CORE work. Oh man that core work was intense!!! 🙂

Week 2 workouts increase by ten minutes and the intensity is going up as well. I have to admit that I’m a tad nervous for it, but after saying that out loud to Charles, he said “Babe. You’re going to be fine.” I needed that. The workouts are 35 minutes and will alternate Monday thru Saturday with speed and strength + abs. Sunday will be set aside for yoga to rest my body and prep for an amazing week 3.

In terms of nutrition, week 2 starts to decrease carbs and increase veggies. We’ve decided not to eat any meat (last week we had salmon), so our protein will be coming from nuts and plants!

This week will start to bring in more challenges. Charles is currently traveling and will return for a few days, but then will be off to be with SCV until the end of the season. This is where I struggle the most…when I’m home alone! It’s like…”no one will know if you eat that, Britt.” And that’s when I get myself into “trouble.” I was SUPER proud of myself for staving off those voices of temptation this past week when Charles was gone, but I’m gonna need to really keep my eye on the prize for this next week! I can DO this!!!

If you want to help cheer me on and support me, just follow along on my Instagram and/or Facebook pages to see how WEEK 2 unfolds!

I’m PUMPED to bring on WEEK 2 and can’t wait to see how these new workouts start to lean me out and shape me up! If you’re interested in trying this program out, fill out the application below and I’ll make sure to get you all of the info!

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