Secrets to Success for an #inspirebeauty COACH

Are you ready to learn the secret to being WILDLY successful as an #inspirebeauty coach? Do you want all of my tips and tricks for how I hit Success Club every month, run kick booty challenges, and attract the right VIBE to our TRIBE?!

#inspirebeauty is in the TOP .4% of the entire network and so there MUST be something our team has done to grow to such a place, right?!

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

There is no secret sauce on my steak, ya’ll.

I know…not what you wanted to hear, right? Wait, though!!! Don’t turn away!!! 🙂 Even though there’s no secret to being a top Beachbody coach, I will share with you five of the most important factors I believe can help any new or experienced coaches break out of any rut they might be in.

I just ask one thing – after reading this post, please get to work and start implementing any of the techniques below that you find helpful. There’s a difference between KNOWING a path and WALKING it. I ask you to walk this walk, sister. I’ll see you at the top!

1.) Consistency is KEY.

I cannot emphasize this point enough.

“The path to success is through a continuum of mundane, unsexy, unexciting, and sometimes difficult daily disciplines compounded over time” – Darren Hardy

While the process of success isn’t sexy, the RESULTS are! Don’t expect instant results- change is not immediate. And consider this…your friends and family (the people who have witnessed every silly thing you’ve ever done) need some proof! They need to see a track record of success before they jump on this bandwagon. If you’re one foot out the door…if you’re not being consistent…that sends a message to them that you aren’t serious about this or that you don’t completely believe it in.

It’s easy to start. Everyone starts. What takes real grit is seeing how long you can last in this business. Consistency wins EVERY time, ya’ll. The reason I’m successful is because I’ve outlast everyone else that quit.

Actions speak louder than words. Show up everyday.

2.) Work your MINDSET muscles DAILY.

The biggest weight we need to lose is the weight we carry between our ears. You’ve GOT to work on your MINDSET!

How do you work your mindset?! Personal development, ya’ll! To new coaches who have joined our team, I often explain the importance of personal development in our first call together and how the journey of coaching runs parallel to our fitness journey.

We all want immediate results, but it takes time to develop the skills and mindset that are necessary to succeed, much like when you begin a new exercise and eating plan. It takes the consistency of putting the work in each day to see results in about 3-6 months time. I’m sure those of you who have gone through a fitness transformation know how the end result is always worth all the effort you’ve put into it. And you know that you have to keep at it to maintain those results you worked so hard for.

The same holds true for personal development. It is not something you can do for a day or even for a week, and then just give up on. Squeezing it in here and there, and you’re not going to get much out of it.

Make it a habit to get some personal development in every single day. Here are two ways I get in my daily does of PD.

1. Read 10 pages of a personal development book each day. In one month, you will have read at least one book, and in a year, 12 books that will help you develop personally and professionally.

2. Listen to 20 minutes of an audio book daily. Whether in your car or via an ipod, technology has made it easier than ever to learn as we travel. Plus, it’s way better than the morning talk shows.

I can’t stress the importance of personal development enough, it will:

  • improve the relationships you have with others

  • relationship you have with yourself

  • keep you motivated

  • know what is possible in life (ps…anything is 😉 )

3.) Manage your TIME like a BOSS.

Dude. We’re all busy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So how do you juggle all that and still show up to your biz?!

Set your own working hours and SHOW UP to them daily.

You don’t fail to show up for work & expect to get a paycheck. Your business is no different- if you aren’t putting in the effort, you can’t expect to see results. There is a difference between being productive and “busy work.” Busy work could be “finding the perfect motivation picture on pinterest” – for three hours OR scrolling through your Facebook news feed and then realizing an hour has passed and you haven’t reached out to anyone. While I love doing both of those things, they are not HELPING anyone and they are not growing my business. The best thing to do is work from a list and track your biz!

Set up “office hours” – meaning set aside some time to work on your business (even if it’s only 15 min at a time), and create a work space! For me, it’s a little corner of our apartment that I have a desk, chair, and all of my supplies needed to ROCK my BIZ.

Track your business. Commit to a daily power hour (even if you break it off into smaller pieces). And show up to the hours you set for yourself…even when no one is looking!




4.) Fail often. Fail big. Fail fast.

When you were a baby, you learned to walk on your FIRST try?!?! Yeah…me neither. As a child, you understand the value in failure. Each time you fail, you learn…adjust your approach…and try again. So why does the prospect of failing seem so scary as an adult?  I don’t know…but get over it! The sooner you realize that failing is another word for “learning”, the sooner you can build an amazing business. Check your ego at the door.

“It’s the start that stops most people” but not you, sister!!! Fail often. Fail big. Fail fast. The key to success is massive failure.


At the end of the day, I can give you guidance and advice all day long…but unless you are willing to implement it…you won’t see results. Maybe you like lists/order and everything wrapped up with a tight little “Here’s- how-to-Work-your-BB-business” bow, but this business is unique for everyone- you chose who you work with, how and when. You chose how to market yourself and how you share your story, which is why I love it so much…but it can be overwhelming. I GET IT!!!

I relate this to remodeling your kitchen- the PROSPECT of choosing everything seems FUN at first…but soon…when you’re faced with picking the tile, the grout color, the paint color, the knobs on the cabinets…you can get OVERWHELMED and FROZEN with FEAR. BEWARE of the “perfection trap” – aka wanting everything to be so perfect that you never make ANY choices or take ANY action because you don’t want to mess it up. In the end you won’t have a business (or a kitchen lol) just a bunch of ideas.

Come to terms with the fact that it IS going to be a learning experience- and you will have to “fail forward”. In fact, you will probably SUCK. 🙂  You’ll prob suck at a lot of things at first…trust me when I say that I did!!!

I still learn everything simply by googling it and watching successful people who have paved the way for me.

I had ZERO experience when I began, ya’ll. But, I’ve built my business on three things:

1. Consistency

2. Persistence 

3. Good old fashioned trial and error.

Cozy up with T&E (trial and error) because it’s about your become your BFF in this journey. You’ve got this! You have so many tools to build this business! Remember the mission, our purpose, your goals and just lead with your heart. If you have people’s best interest at heart and you plug away a little each day, I PROMISE YOU, you will look back and be amazed at what you’ve built.

I look back and I’m blown away. From the friendships to the success stories…from the FREEDOM to the confidence and peace of mind…Beachbody has changed my life completely.  I know first hand what an unbelievable BLESSING this business can be- I believe in you guys! If you are reading this…please KNOW that YOU are meant for greatness, sister!!!

The world needs your SHINE!!!


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