Create a KICK BOOTY Morning ☀️☕️

Here’s the deal…I’m a morning person. I love the mornings. I live for the mornings. I do not like staying up late.

So you might be sitting there thinking…this girl OBVIOUSLY rocks her mornings.

Well…not so much. Not always.

There are times when I hit snooze WAY too many times. There are mornings when I get sucked into wasting time scrolling social media without giving it a second thought. There are the days when I simply do not take care of myself in the AM and it reflects in all I do throughout the rest of the day.

Mornings are IMPORTANT ya’ll. They set the tone for the day and I want your tone to be KICK BOOTY. I may not have all the answers, but there are the 3 things I like to do to ENSURE I have a rockin’ morning and a super productive day:


This year I began putting my morning devotionals/bible studies/yoga first and it has made a HUGE difference in the way my day begins. Whatever your beliefs, I challenge you to put that quiet time FIRST in your day. By acknowledging what you believe in and speaking to that Creator, you’re laying a foundation that is unbreakable when you encounter some rough patches in your day (and we all know you will!). One of my FAVE apps is called “The First 5.” It helped me break a bad habit of grabbing my phone and checking social media first thing. With this app, I could still grab my phone, but I’d dive into my faith rather than creepin’ on someone else’s life.


Whether it’s a youtube video from one of my fave mentors, a really inspiring podcast, or a book that speaks to my soul, I take the first part of my day to dive into personal development. Personal development is EXACTLY that. It’s personal. I encourage you to find an area of your life that you’d like to improve and then dive into that topic with audio or text resources to jump start your day. Don’t have time to sit and read? Listen while you shower or during your commute to work.


Okay…so I know I told ya’ll that I’m a morning person…but I’m SO not a morning WORKOUT person. I’d rather wait until about 4pm when my body is good and warmed up and my brain needs a little break. For many years I built an afternoon workout routine into a habit, but I KNOW how beneficial sweating first thing can be for the rest of the day. This year I began to transition my workouts earlier and earlier. Some days it’s yoga. Some days it’s a full on sweat sesh. I listen to my body and honor what it needs and then I REST EASY knowing that I took care of myself FIRST THING.

I also know that for some, tracking their workouts and monitoring their fitness is a HUGE motivator and my friends over at have made it easy for you to compare some of the best trackers on the market. Whether your main concern is brand, price, accuracy, function, or fit, they’ve got you covered. Find your FAVE tracker HERE and use that tool to amp up your morning workout routine.


I get it. Well…no…I don’t. But I’ve heard that some people just don’t function in the morning. For me, I make it a time I look forward to. Making myself a hot cup of coffee. Finding a special place to just “be.” Setting your workout clothes out the evening before. Working out in your living room. Those are all my hacks to make the morning a sacred time for myself without having to leave my home.

Most people have pretty hectic and crazy mornings, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Set your alarm a little bit earlier. Take time for you. Set the tone for what you want the day to look like. And fill that freakin’ cup of yours, sister. You’re SO worth it.


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