3 {secrets} I learned in NOLA ✨🍍

I’m coming home from New Orleans, LA on FIRE and I can’t wait to#wakeupontheINSIDE with all of the ladies in our VIP SHIFT SHOP LAUNCH PARTY group this coming Monday.

{scroll down if you want to join…there’s still TIME!!!}

Enough about that, though! Let’s talk NOLA!!!

#inspirebeauty had a BLAST at our annual SUMMIT convention and while I’m still feeling the energy running it’s way through my veins, I wanted to share my TOP 3 TAKEAWAYS with you!!! You can apply these to any area of life, my friend, and I hope it inspires you to be a better, brighter, more shiny version of YOU!


1. There is no magic pill, silver bullet, or secret. Success is earned through HARD FREAKING WORK. Stop looking for quick fixes in your life and get to work.

2. Some people wait their entire lives for permission to BE who they truly want to be and to DO what they truly want to do. Give yourself permission TODAY to live the life you’ve always wanted.

3. It’s easy to start. Everyone can start something. The real test is seeing how long you can last. Consistency wins EVERY time.

Which takeaway did YOU need to hear the most today? COMMENT below and share it with me!!!

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