{PLAN for SUCCESS} Weekly Meal Plan + Workouts

Summer is all around us.

Charles will be gone for a bit this week.

And I’m a week away from SHAUN WEEK!!!

Basically…I’m ready to CONQUER this week.

If I can be honest, though, the end to last week was R O U G H. I had an emotional Friday, which led me to complete exhaustion and the need to slow down and breathe this weekend. It’s like the aftermath from a storm…it all just feels a bit off.

And so I walk on with grace, understanding, and my head held high because I KNOW without a doubt I’m on the right path. Fear has been trying to take me down lately and it will NOT win. You can be certain of that.

So this week I’m PUMPED to just get after it. Do my workouts first thing. Rise up and get my head in God’s Word and the Seamless Bible Study. Drink my coffee. Throw my hair into a messy bun. And keep my heart focused on what matters. This week SELF CARE matters. Helping others MATTERS. Leading my team to inspire others, MATTERS.

Check out the meal plan for this week:

M- Naan Pizza

T- Veggie Fajitas (Charlie’s secret recipe!) 🙂

W- Edamame “Fried” Rice + Potstickers

R- Pesto Pasta

F- BBQ Chicken Chili


Sun- Hawaiian Pork Chops in the Crock Pot

And as for my workouts, I’m finishing up the “Countdown to SHAUN WEEK” calendar. I’m ready for some Insanity Asylum (a program I’ve never done), CIZE (a program I forgot how much I loved), and even more butt kicking from Shaun T.

Man, I love to hate him!!! 🙂 I can’t tell you how sore my legs are from the first week of the countdown, but I’m super pumped to get to SHAUN WEEK and I want to be in top condition for whatever he throws our way (you know it’s gonna be CRAY)! Have you joined me yet?! Check out the details HERE!

Despite the challenges that were brought my way last week, I feel like I’m handling setbacks and obstacles along my journey SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY than I used to. The meltdowns are fewer and farther between and when they happen…I surround myself with those who love me most and can knock a little sense into me as well as some LOVE. Super thankful for them and super thankful for a new week to keep movin’ and groovin’ towards my goals. Let’s do this, ya’ll!!!

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