5 Ways to Fall in LOVE with Monday

Mondays can be awesome. Yes, you heard me. No, I’m not blowing smoke up your butt.

Mondays get a bad rap, ya’ll.

And here’s the deal…if you love what you do, Monday can be the best day of your week!

Personally, I know all too well the dreaded Sunday feeling. You know the one. The one where you know your weekend is coming to a close and you have to face the walls of an office, or classroom, or whatever that you simply would rather not see.

I’ve been there. So I speak from my heart when I say that it IS possible to flip that around and take back your Mondays. I mean…why go around living a full day of your week miserable?! Life is simply just TOO DARN short for that!

Maybe you’re in-between jobs, or not quite yet on the path you desire to be on. That’s okay, sister. Mondays can still be magical and I want to share 5 simple ways that you can fall in love with Mondays, regardless of the job you have.


In the grand scheme of life, your Monday probably isn’t all that bad. So immediately when you rise, give thanks to what you have. Be grateful for your heath, your loved ones, your current financial status, and your career. Without these things, life would not be as beautiful, would it?


You all know the phrase “Never miss a Monday,” right?! Well there’s good stuff behind that! Taking care of your health FIRST in the week sets the tone for how you feel about yourself. You are worth it and by putting in a 30 minute sweat sesh on a Monday morning, you are telling the Universe that you believe this to be true.


Let’s face it…the news, most radio songs, and the sounds of angry morning traffic can totally bum you out. Listening to podcasts help me to grow while I drive rather than fester in a pool of road rage. We are in our cars for so many hours, ya’ll. Like the kinda hours you’d spend sitting in a classroom. Get yourself a “PHD” in something that makes you a better person. When I first got engaged, I’d listen to a marriage podcast. When I started my own business, I was very into entrepreneurial podcasts and anything/everything to do with blogging/social media. Now my podcasts center around happiness and leadership. What do YOU want to learn about. Spend your early Monday morning commute filling your cup!


You can share a cup of coffee with a coworker. Tell someone that their outfit looks amazing. Ask how a friend’s weekend went. Send out some “thinking of you” messages. Whatever it is, lifting someone else is a SURE FIRE way to lift YOU. Boost you mood by pouring love into others. You never know who might need it.


Let’s face it, Mondays sometimes ask us to do more things than we are capable of. It’s all good, girl!!! Take a deep breath and prioritize what absolutely has to get done. Make a list and work through it one thing at a time. And if there are things you don’t get to?! Trust me…you’ll have time tomorrow.

Making Monday awesome is all about a shift in your mindset and routines. Make the shift towards a routine that sets a positive tone for your day and watch how AMAZING your Monday just might be.

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