10 Motivational Quotes {when you need them most} 💗

One of the big changes I made in my life about 4 years ago, was with what I surrounded myself with. I didn’t change all of my life at once, but I DID take the first few months to prep my mind for the amazing things that were about to follow. Starting a business, creating a blog, mentoring and leading a team, getting engaged, quitting your job that you spent 4+ years of college working towards, moving across the country, and having to meet all new friends and “find” yourself…it’s not for the fragile ones. I had to train my mind (and still do) to be STRONG.

So I turn to motivational quotes. It’s how my journey began and it’s something I’m still a sucker for today. And if you’re anything like me {which I’m guessing you are}, I’m sure you are a sucker, too!

And because you get me, I wanted to put together my TOP 10 Motivational Quotes as a space for you to come to, to not only feel empowered and inspired, but also to become PUSHED to take the action.

But here’s the deal, sister. And I mean this with all the love I have in my heart.

All the quotes in the world won’t help advance a stagnant soul.

Before you read these, think about what you want…what you really REALLY want. And then use these 10 quotes to push yourself to get out of that pretty little comfort zone of yours and BOLDLY move in the direction of your dreams.

I believe in you, sister. You can do it.

PS Make sure you PIN your FAVES so that you can stare at them OFTEN. 😉

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