Managing Too Much on your Plate?! 10 ways to CRUSH your DAY

Most of you know that I’m a recovering DO-ER. I used to be a YES MAN and spent a lot of my life wearing myself thin. I know what it’s like to have WAY too much on my plate.

But having a lot on your plate does NOT mean that you can’t be a GOAL CRUSHING BADASS. You can. You just have to really be proactive at how you manage and prioritize your time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Including Beyonce. And these tips are my go-to’s when I am trying to amp up my game and channel my inner-‘Yonce. You can do it, sister. I believe in you!

Have a PLAN.

Plan your day, week, and month out in advance. At the end of each month, I do a general sketch of the following month. Each Sunday, I like to sit and sketch out my week. Then, each evening, before I shut down for the night, I ensure I take a glance at the following day so I’m ready to go when I wake up.

Get BACK to the BASICS.

Buy a calendar/planner. These are LIFE SAVERS for me because I can actively manage my priorities and set my year, month, weeks, and days up for success. I know you can use a fancy app on your phone, but there’s nothing like writing it down and seeing it on the page, trust me!

EAT that FROG.

Do the BIG things that you don’t want to do (you know…that one thing you keep putting off?!) FIRST. Eat the frog and then the rest of your day will flow so much better.


Turn your phone notifications off and work from a TO DO list to ensure you stay on track. I can’t tell you how many times I get sucked into clicking some random Facebook Ad and “lose” an hour of my life to scrolling crap instead of working on my goals.

Reserve a SET amount of TIME for your TASKS.

I love the app “30/30” because I can write out my to do list, transfer over to the app, and then set time frames for each task. This keeps me working and focused on each task for a set amount of time and helps with the distractions! Then, when the time is up…I put that puppy down and move on!


Avoid doing things you know will suck time from your day. Scrolling social media, for example, is a giant way to promote procrastination and does not help you to stay on track towards your goals.


Writing out what I want and when I want to hit it is a no brainer for me. It ensures I am keeping my momentum moving forward.

Prioritize SELF CARE.

This is SO important. Whatever your goals are and however this article pertains to you, you will never find success if you don’t put YOU first. Fuel yourself properly. Find time to meditate, pray, and dig into your spirituality. Focus on your health and wellness. Mind. Body. Soul. It all matters.


As much as we want to be super heroes, we NEED sleep. 7-8 hours every night is ESSENTIAL to being your best self.


And because you’re getting those zzzz’s, you can TOTALLY set the alarm earlier, right?! The early bird catches the worm, ya’ll. Want to work on your goals? Wake up and take ownership of your day and your time.

So what is it that YOU are working towards this year?! How are your goals coming along?! It’s never to late to start working on them. I believe in YOU!!!

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