10 Benefits of UNPLUGGING ๐Ÿ“ฒ๐Ÿ”Œ

I woke up on Sunday morning and told Charlie that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Kind of similar to when I was teaching 6 different grade levels, three subjects to each, often at the same time.

My head was spinning. Two spring fitness accountability groups, a ROCK THE BASICS team training, pushing coaches on #inspirebeauty to Emerald and Diamond this month, prepping a team ZOOM for Monday, planning out how we are going to ROCK Summit this summer as a team, trying to prep for a new FREE group this May, reaching out to coaches on our team who have disappeared into the mist, inspiring others on my personal page, like page, instagram, and within the walls of our private #inspirebeauty page, and preparing content for the blog and the rtyhp weekly newsletter.

Oh and on top of that…I had to find some time to take care of myself and my family, too.

My head was freaking spinning.

But Charlie, in all his understanding and calming ways, looked at me and asked “When was the last time you unplugged for a day?”

I didn’t know.

Christmas, maybe?!

I really wasn’t sure.

And so it was time. Time to take a day where I didn’t get on any social media. Where I didn’t worry about anyone else. Where I only worried about one person- ME.

Selfish? Maybe.

Crucial? Absolutely.

You see, when I take time to unplug and fill my cup, I am able to POUR over into others’ lives. Without my cup being full, I simply cannot perform any of those tasks mentioned above at my best. Not. Even. Close.

So I unplugged. And it got me to thinking. When was the last time YOU unplugged? I want to encourage you to find some time this week/weekend to totally and completely unplug. Trust me when I say…Facebook was STILL there when I woke up on Monday morning. And the messages and comments and likes were not so life altering that they could not wait.

Unplugging is a LUXURY we take for granted in our society. But unplugging is crucial. It allows us to be a better version of ourselves by taking time to truly be present in the PRESENT. Check out the 10 benefits I’ve personally found from scheduling unplugged time blocks, days, and vacations.

Relationships Improve.

You actually have time for PEOPLE. Like real, face to face, PEOPLE. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take time to have conversations deeper than “How are you/How’s it going?” Play games. Grab some coffee. Talk about your goals and dreams. Laugh a little. Relationships can blossom when you take time to be 100% invested in them.

You sleep better.

It is no mystery that those technology lights keep our brains wired at night. Even if you can’t find a whole day to unplug, unplugging a few hours before bed will help you fall asleep faster and allow your brain to unwind before you hit the pillow.

You find time for the things that make your soul sing.

Guys. We aren’t busy. We just waste time. Let’s be real. The amount of time you spend watching dumb cat videos (sorry cat lovers) and scrolling the feed of your fave social media platform could TOTALLY be used to do something that makes you a better YOU. What is that for you? For me, I love wine tasting. I love reading. I love taking baths. I love writing. I love working out. I love hiking. I love doing Bible studies. I love sitting with a cup of coffee and my own thoughts. All of these activities get ROBBED from me when I waste my time plugged into other peoples’ lives. You have a life…don’t waste it submerged in someone elses.

Comparison stops.

It happens to the best of us. You scroll social media and BAM…you’re immediately hit with a feeling of not being good enough in some area of your life based on what someone else posted. Maybe they are having a kick booty day and you aren’t and their post sends you spiraling into all that is wrong in your life. Stop. Unplugging helps us rid ourselves of those moments.

You can squeeze in all the things you don’t have time for.

Remember how I said you can find time for those things that are important to you? Yep. Squeeze them in. That workout you “should” do? You have time. That thank you card you “should” write? Write it. That breakfast you never have time to eat before flying out the door? Quit laying in bed after your alarm goes off on your phone. You have time. Spend it wisely.

You can cook a decent meal.

Something that was beautiful about unplugging yesterday was how calm and controlled I was able to prep our Sunday dinner. I did my favorite thing, which is getting the crock pot going early, so that I could enjoy the smell of a Sunday dinner cooking all day.

Boost creativity.

When I unplug, I have time to clear the clutter in my mind. It takes time and practice, but unplugging allows me to hear myself. What do I want? How can I make it happen? What is something crazy and cool that I could do this week, month, or year? I can’t do any of these things if I don’t first HEAR them. Unplugging allows those thoughts to manifest into actions.

Get to know yourself better.

When I unplug, I like to do yoga or some form of fitness. And these activities allow me to tune in to Brittany. I get to hear her. I get to know her. I get to love her for who she is…mistakes, imperfections, all of it.

Less stress/anxiety.

Seriously. Our phones cause so much more stress than we can possibly even know. The pressure of waiting for someone to “like” or “comment” on our posts seems silly, but it’s very real. Very relevant. Removing yourself from tech time can help reduce levels of stress and anxiety in the body. Feeling blue? Get away from your phone…that surely is not going to solve any of your problems.

Improves your focus.

Multitasking isn’t a thing. We’ve been taught a lie that we can do more than one thing at a time, when in all reality, our brains have to continue to switch back and forth between tasks. They say that your brain functions BETTER on marijuana than it does when multitasking. Think about it. Switching from app to app, email to text, selfie to attempting to have a real conversation…it is all grabbing for our attention and distracting us from legitimate focus. When I am working on a big task, the distractions go OFF. Notifications are off on my phone. I put my phone in airplane mode when I’m trying to disconnect. I remove apps from my phone that I might be tempted to open. I set aside certain times for certain tasks. Once Charlie gets home, I make it a habit to put my phone in the other room so that he gets all of me.

And that’s the thing. You deserve all of you. You deserve the best of you. You don’t deserve the left overs. So again, I challenge you to find blocks of time this week or entire days, even, to completely unplug. Fill up your cup first and you’ll be able to overflow into others’.

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