What does “YOUR BEST” Look Like?

Lets talk this evening about YOUR BEST.

When I start up a new virtual fitness group, ALL that I ask of my participants is that they do their best each and every day.

But what does that mean? What does “your best” look like?

Well, first of all, your best is not going to look the same as anyone elses best, so rid yourself of that mindset right now! We all have different circumstances and lifestyles that affect what our personal best can be and comparison can leave us feeling anything BUT our best. Stop comparing your best effort to others’. “Your best” is a unique blend of talents, skill, mindset, belief, and stamina that belongs solely to YOU and YOUR journey.

Second, your best today may not be the same as your best from yesterday. Life happens. Circumstances and unforeseen events happen. Some days are simply better than others. If yesterday I crushed my workout, but today I woke up feeling ill, my best may not be the same as it was yesterday. This is where grace comes in. You’ve got to give yourself grace that TODAY you will do your best.

Just like we aren’t comparing our best to other’s, we should also not use an unfair comparison of ourselves. Maybe 10 years ago you were athletic and fit and super disciplined when it came to your health and fitness. But what has happened over those 10 years? Maybe you are a mom now. Your best is going to look different because you have little ones to care for. Maybe you fell off the fitness wagon. Your best from “the glory days” will not look like your best today because you aren’t there anymore. Maybe work, hobbies, and life just seemed to get in the way. Today you can choose to RESET your best, removing excuses from the equation.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that your best is YOURS. And the “best” news (total pun intended) is that you can OWN it.

I want you to figure out what YOUR own best will look like right now.

Ask yourself these questions each day-

  1. Am I challenging myself?

  2. Am I being passionate with my goals and dreams?

  3. Am I working on a solution or simply focusing on the problem?

  4. Am I getting up when I get knocked down?

  5. Am I releasing the excuses and doing the things that are most important?

These questions really help me to dig deep and analyze if I’m truly doing “my” personal best. Not Susie’s…or Mary’s…or that random chick on Instagram…but MINE. If the answer is YES, I have nothing else to do but feel satisfied at my efforts.

Over time, if you keep trying your best, I can promise that you will see your best become even better than it was today. If your efforts are in line with your goals, the results will eventually come.

Just remember- ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.

PS Maybe you need some more help BLOOMING into the BEST you there is. Fill out the application for our next virtual fitness group #springintoHEALTH and I’ll follow up with you in 24 hours to see if this group could help YOU be your best, most shiny self!

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