How to Become a Morning Person☀

I’ve kinda always been that annoying morning person.

I’m sorry…I can’t help it!!! 🙂

But I TOTALLY get that not everyone in the world enjoys busting out of the sheets when the alarm goes off, ripping open the blinds, and greeting the world in sing song.

Seriously…ask Charlie. He is SO not a morning person and I SO can do this in the morning.

Mornings are where the magic happens for me and one of my goals this spring is to help my tribe learn how to #riseandSHINE each day (and maybe…become more of a morning person).

These tips will help you to jump start your day, feel more productive, and take time to fill your cup before attempting to fill others. ENJOY!!!


Try to set a certain time for bed and the same time to wake up all week long (yes…even weekends). This helps to maintain our body’s internal clock. Figure out how many hours of sleep your body needs and commit to that as a part of your schedule. REST is SO important for your health!


You’re rolling your eyes at me. I know it. 🙂 But seriously…going to bed earlier allows us the sleep we so desperately need to be the best, most shiny version of ourselves. If you have goals of getting out of bed at 5am and crushing your workout, but don’t fall into the sheets until pastmidnight…it’s not gonna happen. Or it’ll happen painfully. I like to set a reminder on my phone one hour before bedtime so that I can fully unplug and start preparing for a great night’s sleep.


Set out your work/workout clothes. Have your coffee maker preset to brew (or at least cleaned and ready to go). Make sure your lunch is already packed. Prepping everything prior to bed allows me not to worry that I’m going to forget something in the morning PLUS I get to wake up and just attack my routine, rather than run around scrambling for all of the things I put off until the morning. Make your morning run smoother. Prep the night before.


This one is the HARDEST for me!!! Anyone else?!?! But the truth is, the more we hit snooze, the more tired we actually are. It messes with our sleep cycles because we are forcing ourselves in and out of sleep. It also is a blow to the ego when we realize that our intentions of rising and shining kinda got tossed out the window with our first (or third) alarm.


This is my secret sauce, ya’ll. The reason I look forward to mornings is because I give myself areason to look forward to the morning. Maybe it’s a new coffee flavor to try out. Maybe a new yoga routine. Or maybe a morning devotional that keeps you coming back for more. Whatever it is, find something that makes you WANT to get out of bed in the morning. What sets your soul on fire? Allowing yourself proper sleep, a smooth morning, and the extra time when you don’t hit snooze, you’ll be able to do things that fill your cup before you’re ever expected to fill anyone elses’s.

And that? Well, that’s pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me.

I hope you were able to take some tips away with you today that will help you RISE and SHINE this spring. If you loved today’s encouragement, then I KNOW you’ll love what I’ve got up my sleeve next week.

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