Sunday Reflection + Prep

Reflection. It’s a funny thing. I am so used to reflecting on my workouts and my eating only when it comes to this SELF CARE stuff. But I’m really encouraging my clients to look at MIND, BODY, + SOUL in regards to SELF CARE and so I can’t skip over how important ALL three aspects are to our overall health and well being.

Let’s start with BODY. 6 weeks down of Insanity MAX30 and only two weeks to go. So you’d naturally assume I’d just BUST out this week and be ready for my final week, right?!


This week was brought to you by SORE MUSCLES. The kinda sore that isn’t good to overdo and push. The kinda sore where momma had to lay on a heating pad all week. Sheesh! Sometimes I don’t feel like much of a spring chicken anymore. 🙂

Basically what I’m saying, is that I had to step away from such an intense workout this week.

You could look at it one of two ways. You could look at it as a failure. That I didn’t “really” finish the full program OR you could look beyond next week and understand that if I overdid it this week, I might have really suffered in the long run. And that’s what I’m all about. That’s why I work so hard. It’s about the long term…not a short term goal that I’m chasing. I want to be healthy for my life, not just for an event.

So, I did what I had to do. I spent two of the days doing ONLY yoga and got my blood flowing a bit with the #springfitnesschallenge. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to CRUSH the final week of IM30. 🙂

In terms of my MIND, this week, I don’t want to skip over this part. To be truthful, I had some low moments. Some moments where I sit and wonder why I’m even here…what I even matter to this planet. Those voices are scary, dark, and very real. But I want to reassure you that they are fewer and farther between when they pop up and I am not afraid to talk about it with Charles to bring my fears and worries to light. He truly is my saving grace here on Earth and my rock in the storm. I’m beyond grateful for that man. 🙂

When my mind gets weary that are some things I like to do. First, I like to shut down my work and find some stillness. I like to allow the thoughts to flow so I can separate truth from lies. I like to read books to empower my mind and strengthen my thought process. I also like to play with Frankie and take him outside on walks. This helps me clear the clutter and find a place of joy in the midst of a mental storm.

And with my SOUL, this week, man I feel good. We are reading and studying “Finding I Am” by Lysa Terkeurst in our women’s small group and I am so in love with the daily lessons and teachings. I am not super educated when it comes to the stories throughout the Bible and to various translations and the significance of random things (like how many times the word SHEEP is in the Bible). This study is shedding some new light in places that I’d never explored. So so SOOOO grateful for this study. The study is also allowing me to really dig deeper with my prayer time and to release my expectations and build up my walls of trust. You seriously should check it out! <3

…finish Insanity MAX30. #duh

I also want to focus on getting outside more and not keeping myself cooped up in the house. That (I know) is not helping my overall psyche and this week should be not so rainy as last week was here in CA.

I’m also dedicated this week to setting my workout clothes out the evening before and getting this out of the way FIRST THING. I’m typing this here so I can be held accountable. On Friday last week, I was able to get up and get it done before the day began and it seriously sets such an amazing tone for the rest of the day!

I challenged the women in our #lovetheskinyoureinBADASSBOOTCAMP this week to SHOW UP to the final week of our group. I reflected on some of the reasons people throw in the towel and I gave them a little tough love about being hungry to learn throughout this process. This week I want to remain hungry to LEARN in this journey. So I’m going to commit to morning workouts all week and learn how that impacts my week.

It all starts with a plan, ya’ll.

If you’re part of my TRIBE…you know that. I seriously can’t say it enough! So here’s how I’m planning for SUCCESS this week. Seriously, it’s #mytimetoSHINE and it starts with a plan.

My plan this week for workouts is laid out on my IM30 calendar (workout M-F) and I am going to set the alarm for 5:30 to get these done and out of the way in the morning. #zeroexcuses

In terms of eating, I’m excited to start sharing with you what meals I will be making this week. I know a lot of you ask me how I eat/plan my meals for the week and I want you to learn just how easy it is!!! Check out my meals for the week. {And snag your very own printable meal planner HERE}

You can see that our typical breakfast is always Shakeology in the morning and then leftovers for lunch. Check out all of the recipes below and keep in mind that my grocery list may omit or swap some items based on what I have on hand/what’s on sale/vegetarian swap outs. I totally believe in NO WASTE in this house and Charles likes to joke that by the weekend, it looks like the depression in here because of how empty our fridge is. I call that winning in my book. Waste not, want not. 🙂

Weekly Meal Recipes-

Baked Broccoli Mac n’ Cheese

Mediterranean Lunch Box

Cauliflower Nuggets

Flounder Piccata

Sloppy Joe Sliders

Grocery shopping is seriously so therapeutic for me. Anyone else?! It has taken me a long time to find a routine and make it work, but I love my Sundays. I love the time I get to quietly prep and prepare for a successful week. And I love knowing that I’m already ahead of the game before that alarm even goes off on Monday morning.

Alright, so there you have it! A full reflection on the past week and I’m READY to dive into a new week feeling refreshed and prepared. What are you doing today to get yourself ready to SHINE? I’d love to hear!!!

xoxo, Britt

PS If you LOVE the meal plan printable above, you can snag your very own HERE. 🙂



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