Goal Setting in the New Year- 4 Rules for Success

It’s always such a fun and refreshing time in social media land when that clock strikes midnight and the ball drops. My newsfeed rolls with songs of renewal, messages of hope, definitive statements marking a fresh foot forward. It truly is a magical time when the air is refreshingly positive…and we know how negative the newsfeed can get sometimes!

But, excuse me for a moment while I put a damper on the situation. The feed we see on New Year’s morning? Where did it go? I mean, just a few weeks in, and it’s gone! All of that hopeful energy has been replaced with a tone of guilt, discouragement, and failure. The hopeful messages turn into grumbles, rants, and “maybe next years.” Why? Why does this happen?


From my experience in goal setting, the reason some people obtain success and others not is NOT reliant on magic, luck, or just that some people are better at sticking to things than others. Nope. Unfortunately making excuses for why we don’t stick to our goals is not going to erase the reality.

And the reality is most people don’t set themselves up for success to actually ACHIEVE the goals they set because they aren’t doing some specific things. I want to share a couple strategies that have allowed me great success when it comes to goal setting. Here are my rules for goal setting:

Rule #1- Explore goals in ALL areas of life.

Goal setting doesn’t have to only be about how much weight we want to lose or how many salads we’re consuming this week. If you’ve only ever set goals in the area of health and fitness, then you’re truly missin’ out, sister! Goals make us better PEOPLE. And as people that pertains to ALL of our glorious selves. What does this mean? Financial goals, spiritual goals, personal goals, career and professional goals, health and fitness goals, and relationship goals ALL COUNT! Find multiple areas of your life you could improve on and get adventurous!

Rule #2- Write it down.

For real. Get out your journal. Grab a pencil with an eraser (in case you change your mind) and get to writing. What I like to do is divide a paper into various groups to reflect the areas I’m working on. Each area gets a circle and then I make sure I pick ONE BIG GOAL for each! By writing it down, I not only allow the thoughts to flow freely out of my crazy head, but I also get a chance to STARE at my goals daily. When you can see what you are trying to accomplish, it truly makes a wish turn into a goal.

Spend time in the morning sitting down to plan out your day. Control what you can control!
Spend time in the morning sitting down to plan out your day. Control what you can control!

Rule #3- Don’t stress over falling short.

If you’re anything like me, then this rule might be a little tough for you. But, I’m here to tell you that we truly aren’t failures if we come up short on a goal. I wish I could tell you how many goals I’ve “missed” in my day. Goals aren’t always a hit or miss, though. It’s just not that black and white. Life happens, seasons change, priorities shift. All of this can create an environment where we have to adapt and change…adjust our sails, if you will, and move forward having more knowledge than before we set that stinkin’ goal. Am I right?! I know. So stop feeling like you don’t have room for imperfections when it comes to goal setting. Forward motion is better than no motion at all.

Rule #4- Find a Friend to Keep you Accountable.

One of the biggest reasons we tend to push our goals off to the side is because we aren’t surrounding ourselves with people who WANT us to achieve our goals, too. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye with you along your journey, but I’ll bet you can find at least ONE accountability partner somewhere out there. When I need help in business, I know who I will call. When I want to stay on track with my fitness, I’ve got a group for that. When I am struggle with stickin’ to something I call on Charlie to hold me to it. Whatever “it” may be for you, find someone or a group of someone’s who will help push you to being your best!


So here’s the deal, my friend. Goal setting doesn’t have to be something we only do on December 31st in a haphazard attempt to “be better.” We can ACTUALLY set goals for ourselves ANY day of the week, ANY month of the year AND we can totally stick to them and make them turn into realities! I encourage you to get a journal, find some quiet space, and start dreaming big! I’d love to be the one who helps and encourages you along the way!!! Comment below and share your goals with us here at RTYHP!


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