Feel Fabulous in February- FABruary Fitness Camp


One thing that links ALL fit minded people is this quality about them beyond the body- past the skin. It’s this air of refreshment. When you focus on your physical health it becomes inevitable that you will focus additionally on your overall health. Your mind becomes stronger. Your emotions balanced. Moods don’t swing as easily. And your overall productivity has a much greater potential.

Healthy mind, body, soul!!!
Healthy mind, body, soul!!!

When designing groups to guide people on their fitness journey, it is NEVER about a number on a scale or if they “look” good. I base these groups and the success of my clients on the way they FEEL. Working out consistently changes my clients…heck, it’s changed ME! 🙂 By following a daily workout plan and incorporating quick, effective workouts into a busy lifestyle, I’ve been able to see transformation in my body better than any other fitness routine. Let’s face it- we’re busy, life is crazy, and we hardly have time for ourselves. What if you were part of a group that took the guess work out of being healthy? What if you had the support and accountability on the days when you just didn’t “feel like it?” What if eating right didn’t feel like torture?! What if you started speaking words of praise towards yourself when you look in the mirror?


My mission this February is to take as many dedicated women as I can and help them create healthy habits and some self lovin’. I want to show you how I do it…how I make it work. Because, girlfriend, it IS possible! That balancing act you’re trying to do all on your own. You don’t have to! You can do it with a community of women who will support, love, and help you along the way!

So what are these groups about? What do you get?

  • Private social media forum to chat daily

  • Accountability, motivation, support, and love from ME

  • Goal setting to ACHIEVE (I walk you through the steps!)

  • Weekly meal planners to make the planning a part of your routine

  • Daily ~30 min. workouts/schedule using At-Home Beachbody workouts (can you say Hammer and Chisel?!?!)

  • A workout that you will FALL IN LOVE WITH- I like to call it your “Soul Mate Workout”

  • A month of Shakeology (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cafe latte…um, HECK YES!)

Let’s create some healthy habits this month. Let’s attack those resolutions that have been lingering. There truly is no better time to start! Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you very soon! <3


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