Tales of a Terrible {food} Week

Can I be transparent for a moment? Like really, REALLY transparent? Man…it even makes me nervous just prepping to type it.

I don’t have it all together when it comes to eating.

I mean…I have a pretty good idea of foods that my body doesn’t digest very well. And I am really great at meal planning and cooking healthy and delicious meals. I also know how to pack food for the day when I know I’m going to be gone for awhile. I’ve learned a TON on my health and fitness journey. But despite all of this, I’m FULLY CAPABLE of eating poorly and taking names down with me.

Health is more about the FOOD you put into your body than the workouts you log.
Health is more about the FOOD you put into your body than the workouts you log.

So why did my nutrition fall completely off the deep end last week? Well…because I’m human. That’s for starters. And the second reason is because I shook my whole world upside down and didn’t think twice that maybe my body wouldn’t like that so much. I started two new jobs and went from being home all the time to not at all. I started a new fitness program. And I decided to meal prep for the whole week (something I’ve never actually done before). I basically put way too much on my plate {pun totally intended}.

You might be asking, what exactly does “falling completely off the deep end” mean for you, Britt?! I’m so glad you asked. Let me paint a delicious picture for you.

Treat yo self Sunday is my favorite...and these two things are my fave, too! But all in moderation, right?
Treat yo self Sunday is my favorite…and these two things are my fave, too! But all in moderation, right?

I ate Taco Bell twice. Yep…I physically PULLED MY CAR through a Taco Bell Drive Thru not just once last week, but twice. Both times were super late…at hours when I typically wouldn’t eat anymore. And I won’t even tell you how long I’ve gone without eating fast food…the stretch was pretty epic. Totally ended that streak with a bunch of crap-tastic tacos. But wait…there’s more! I skipped almost all of my daily meals last week…ate fruits and veggies as snacks…and then was starving come night time (hence the drive thru situation). I ate out with friends and enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich and instead of ordering the salad like I know I should…I got fries. Normally not an issue because I like fries and I don’t believe in deprivation…but last week, given that I wasn’t fueling my body well to compensate, it was just added junk. I also can confess that all week long, Charlie and I planned a “treat yo self” Sunday. I ate Chinese carry out for lunch and we ordered pizza for dinner. I truly, madly, deeply fell off the deep end last week.

Why am I telling you all of this?! Because again…I’m human. I’m real. I’m not a fake figure through a screen. Life got different for me last week and it threw a HUGE curve ball my way. I decided to meal prep for the whole week like a superstar, but remembered immediately why I don’t do that. I don’t like soggy broccoli and eating leftovers all week long for every meal. If meal prep is your thing…go on with your awesome self! Totally not my thing! I like to cook throughout the week. I like my food to taste fresh. And I get bored very easily if there isn’t variety. And when I get bored or blah with my food…I resort back to some old places of comfort. Drive thrus…late night eats…things that just don’t serve me anymore.

Way too many coffee stops. And I didn't get a black coffee...definitely got chemicals and sugar in my caffeine.
Way too many coffee stops. And I didn’t get a black coffee…definitely got chemicals and sugar in my caffeine.

And did I mention the migraines? I had a constant migraine from Monday night all the way until Saturday. The whole week. Why? Because I treated my body like a dumpster. A few people close to me suggested that I buy acdc strain online as a more natural alternative to pain relief medication, but I knew that I could solve the migraines by improving what I ate.

So this week…this brand, new, shiny, gift of a week we have in front of us…it’s time. My time to take back control over my eating. If it doesn’t work out, I know some friends who use Blessed CBD gummies to help, and I may consider it. I don’t have to wait for New Years to pretend like I give a crap. I give a crap. I don’t want migraines to rule my day. I don’t want to be starving come 11 pm. I seriously don’t want to roll through Taco Bell ever again. It’s time. I allowed myself to see what it felt like to go back to old, ugly eating habits. Not my jam!!! Today I began my day with a relaxing 21 Day Fix Yoga session, fueled my body with good foods, and sweat like crazy during a Total Body Cardio Fix workout. I have the whole week scheduled out…I know when my workouts will happen and what foods I will make, when. I’m feeling awesome and that’s all because I have a PLAN for the week.

I eat great so I can FEEL great. They truly work hand in hand.
I eat great so I can FEEL great. They truly work hand in hand.

My friend, if you are reading this and you’ve been in my shoes…or maybe you’re walking in my shoes right now…I encourage you to TAKE CONTROL. It’s time. You don’t have to wait for a momentous occasion to decide that you are worth it…that your health is worth it. Hear me now- YOU ARE WORTH IT. I’m enrolling new friends to join me after Thanksgiving for 21 days as we end the year with the best gift we could give ourselves- health. We won’t be perfect…that’s not what its about. But we will own up to our choices and help keep each other accountable to be better each day. Let’s spend the holidays building HEALTHY HABITS together! 🙂 Fill out the form and I will be in contact with you soon!!! 🙂

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  1. Brittany,

    I’ve been there done that. It is nice to know that you are human too and not a perfect fitness junkie who doesn’t struggle like the rest of us. Love ya, keep up the work and thank you for all you encouragement!