Giving Up On Goals

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Are you with me? Do you feel me?

I used to be the type (ok, maybe I’m still a little this way) that would feel like a total failure if I set a goal and didn’t hit it. But I heard something recently that sparked another way of viewing goals.

Goals aren’t set just to be hit. They are an indicator of your progress in life and a chance to work hard. They ignite in you a chance to be BETTER than you were. Not hitting a goal doesn’t mean you failed. Not trying does. Sometimes we have to shift our goals in order to suit our lives. Just because a goal is set doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the outcome or the avenue. Goals also represent seasons of our lives. Goals can be adjusted according to the new chances life throws in front of you.

Adjusting your SAILS when the wind comes in.
Adjusting your SAILS when the wind comes in.

Isn’t that refreshing? Doesn’t that make you feel FREE?! I know it does for me.

Recently I’ve decided to adjust a big goal. A goal I was public about 6 weeks ago. A journey I invited all of you on with me.

I decided to quit ChaLEAN Extreme. {insert gasps and dread}

No, but seriously. This was a big deal to me. Let me explain.

When I come public and share with my followers what I intend to do it is so they (YOU) will hold me accountable. It is so I can show everyone that you CAN do what you SAY you’re going to do. It IS possible to follow a guided workout program and to achieve AMAZING results in the process. I wanted (and craved) so badly to show you this, my friends. I have before…and I will again. Just not on the same avenue as before.

Day ONE is done...only 20 days left to go! :)
Day ONE is done…only 20 days left to go! 🙂

ChaLEAN Extreme is one of my favorite workouts of all times. But recently I just got two new jobs in addition to the work I do at RTYHP and Beachbody. I took on these endeavors to help save money for our wedding and to create a financial cushion for Charles and myself. I also took them to get out of the house and to meet new friends in the area. Because of this change in my life, I had to really be honest about the time I had for my workouts and what would ultimately make me happy. ChaLEAN Extreme is just too long as you get further into the program. The time was an issue. My original goal was to complete the 90 day program and to share my results. I wanted to prove to myself that I could stay committed AND I wanted to push myself to workout regularly during a super crazy time of year. I wanted to be that inspiration source for women out there who are dying to stick to something and create healthy habits.

FullSizeRender 28

My goal is STILL really similar. I’m just shifting the focus a bit. Rather than focusing on the WHAT, I’m focusing on the HOW and the WHO. How do I inspire others? Who am I trying to help along the way? It doesn’t matter WHAT I do, as long as I am addressing those two questions.

Today marked day 1 of 21 Day Fix AND Charlie is doing the program with me. We spent yesterday prepping our meals for the week, we set our alarms early to workout, and we are doing this TOGETHER. I love that I can help inspire him and that he can push me, too. I love that we will push hard for 3 weeks and that once it is over we can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without feeling like we fell off the wagon this month. I love that after Thanksgiving we can pick our habits right back up before Christmas hits. And I love that I can inspire YOU with our journey.

Meal prep done...and I've got my main squeeze on this journey with me!
Meal prep done…and I’ve got my main squeeze on this journey with me!

It’s funny, but I was so afraid of “giving up” on the first program, that I lost a little sight of WHY I was doing it. It wasn’t to just get to the end and say “I did it.” It was about the journey. Isn’t that what it’s always about? If I had just checked workouts off for 90 days, I might have lost the whole point of why I do this. I do this for YOU. I do this for ME. We’re in this together, my friend. If you’ve got goals that are unfinished…pick up and go after them. But don’t stress about having to realistically adjust your avenue or outcome. It happens ALL THE TIME. It’s called being smart and it allows you the chance to do something BIG! To achieve what you ultimately are setting out to do.

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