“Healthy Holiday Habits” Fitness Series

It’s official. There’s no going around it. Today marks the start of a marathon push through the holidays. Candy overload in October. “Food Coma’s” in November. And then comes December with a flood of parties and holiday goodies. It is no wonder that by January 1st, more than 70% of Americans will vow to finally “lose that weight for good.”

But here’s the truth. They won’t. Most of them will give up and quit. And the reality is, we do this because it is a TOTAL SHOCK to the body. You’ve literally just stuffed your body rotten with indulgences for three months straight (I’m not even counting what you did over the summer…) and then you expect it to just “adjust” to a new seemingly tortuous routine. It’s a set up for failure.


And I don’t want that to be you. Not this year. Not this time.

Here’s the deal. Here’s what I’ve got planned.

We’ve got ONE LAST little chunk of time left this year {can you FREAKING BELIEVE IT?!!?}-

*Thanksgiving to New Years (Nov. 30th– Dec. 20th)

One, itty bitty, little three week period to build healthy habits before that clock strike midnight on 2015. So let’s build those habits. Build them together. Build them the RIGHT way so that come January 2016, you don’t have to worry about what you did to your body in 2015. You don’t have to worry how you will look at the holiday parties and such. You, my friend, will look AMAZING. And more than that…YOU’LL FEEL AMAZING!!! 🙂 How’s that for awesome-sauce?! And notice how I’m giving you the HOLIDAYS OFF from fitness to enjoy food, family, and fellowship. It truly is about being realistic this time of year! We want to build a healthy foundation that will allow us to feel incredible. And involved in that foundation is enjoying your holidays without regret, guilt, or restrictions. Did you just fall in love with me a little more?! 🙂 I kind of did.


Are you ready to push yourself a little? Can you dedicate 30 minutes each day to a workout? Can you adjust your nutrition slightly during the week, so that when you get to your parties you can let loose a little bit and not feel so stinkin’ bad?! I’m talking eating well 80% of the time…and splurging on what you love most the other 20%. Can you do that?

I can help you. You won’t have to go at it alone. Accountability is the number one reason people fall off the wagon. I won’t let you do it. Not this time. This time I will be holding your hand as you achieve your goals!!!


Registration for the third and FINAL round of our “#healthyholidayhabits” Fitness Series is open NOW, but the window is not open for long. Orders must be placed by November 29th, so we can get started by November 30th, in order to finish by Christmas! 🙂 Can you give me three weeks this December? I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Fill out the Registration Form below and I will be in contact with you VERY SOON! 🙂

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