How to Prep for a Happier Week

Weekends are a total emotional roller-coaster. Can’t you agree?

I mean, we go from this total high on Friday to feeling the polar opposite come Sunday night when we know the inevitable work week is upon us. Sunday can feel like a day of rest and relaxation for some and by about 8:00 pm the dreaded “Monday” reality sets in. Tonight I want to help you to shake that attitude off and put on a new pair of pants!

Let's put on those HAPPY PANTS!!! :)
Let’s put on those HAPPY PANTS!!! 🙂

Happiness is not something that just comes to certain people on a Monday morning. Even the happiest, peppiest, most annoyingly cheerful person has to work for that energy. Here are some ways I prep on Sunday to ensure I’m going to have a great start to my week.

1. REST. Take time on Sunday to truly rest your soul. Find a book you love. Take a luxurious bath. Sweat and stretch to some relaxing yoga. Lay out by the pool. Whatever it may be, find time to just “be.” The week is going to come and all of the hectic-ness, too. Just find a bit of time to “be.” Calm your mind. Soothe your soul.

2. Limit your alcohol. Even though it’s “Sunday Funday,” I’ve found that battling a SLOW, SLUGGISH start on Monday happens more often when I spend the day drinking and eating poorly. I love to cook a nice dinner on Sunday and enjoy a glass of wine, but in moderation! And if you are drinking…drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration is a key factor in why your Monday sucks. 😉

Take some quiet time to yourself to plan your week out. Sit with a spouse, too, and make sure you're both on the same page with scheduling!
Take some quiet time to yourself to plan your week out. Sit with a spouse, too, and make sure you’re both on the same page with scheduling!

3. Plan your week out. I spend no more than an hour on Sunday evening with my planner just writing down things that need to get done. I schedule my workouts and anything that has to get taken care of (ie I need to get an oil change this week…). By spending that small amount of time planning out the important events in your week, you are more likely to stick to them and stress less. Rather than waking up and hoping you make it through the day, you can wake up knowing what you need to accomplish before you lay your head back down. And THAT feeling of accomplishment will bring you happiness each night! People who make daily lists of what they need to do are MUCH more productive. And productivity can lead to happiness.

4. Plan your meals. I know you might think I’m crazy, but this is where a lot of people struggle. They get busy, the week starts to feel crazy, and then the plans of “getting back on the wagon” are totally out the window. Spend Sunday thinking through what meals you can make each night of the week. Look at your busy nights and consider leftovers. Figure out what you can take to work the following day. Do you have something to grab for breakfast as you’re rushing out the door? Knowing the answer to all of this in advance can REALLY help you to minimize stress. Not only that, but you also save TONS of money by having a plan. Less times hitting up fast food and carry out and less food goes to waste in your kitchen!

Knowing what you can make each week will not only save you time and stress, but it will also save you MONEY!
Knowing what you can make each week will not only save you time and stress, but it will also save you MONEY!

5. Go to bed early. It is SO important that you are getting the amount of sleep your body craves each night. Good, restful sleep will minimize stress and actually help you to lose weight. Do you know how much sleep your body truly needs? Every one is different! Try this out if you have a stretch of 4-5 days where you can not set an alarm (good for those who are on vacation!): Go to bed around the same time each night for 4 consecutive days. Do not set an alarm. By the 4th day, your body should actually balance out and wake you when it has fully rested. Usually the first couple days your body is trying to catch up on sleep! But look at how many hours you slept on that 4th night and that is a good indicator of how many hours your personal body craves. Mine is pretty spot on at 7.5 hours. It is crazy, but I don’t set an alarm anymore because my body wakes up almost EXACTLY after 7.5 hours every night.

I love to remind everyone often on my blog that happiness is not just something that “comes” to people. You have to work to be happy and it begins with the way you chose to start each week. Let’s start this one off right! 🙂

Let's attack this week!!!
Let’s attack this week!!!


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