Star Spangled Mini Fruit Pizzas

The 4th of July has always been a very fun day for me. I’ve never really been the spectator to a parade or the person who hosts the barbeque. I’m usually not home this time of year. Most of my memories of the 4th occur in Anytown, USA while on tour with a drum and bugle corps. I’ve been coast to coast on this holiday and I’ve celebrated with a variety of people. Super nomadic, but oh-so-American.


I’ve been to Bristol, Rhode Island’s CRAZY celebration (which lasts for the entire weekend by the way). Man I could tell stories about that town and the shenanigans I’ve pulled there. It’s where my shoes literally melted into the pavement of a 9 mile parade. It’s the town my dad and step-mom surprised my brothers and me by driving to the East Coast and yelling our names the entire parade route. It’s where having a Bloody Mary on the morning of became a tradition. It’s where I’ve had the best Lobster Bisque in my life. And it’s a city that LOVES their fourth. I sit here with a huge grin typing all of those memories.

I’ve been to Aspen, Colorado on the 4th- blown AWAY by the beauty in that town. All I thought to myself all day long was, I HAVE to go back! I HAVE to go back. On that particular 4th, I will never forget taking a gondola up to the top of the Rocky Mountains and sipping wine while looking over the world (or so it seemed).

Aspen, CO  July 4th, 2013
Aspen, CO
July 4th, 2013

I’ve also been to Seaside, Oregon on the complete opposite coast. I did yoga on the beach with my best friend. We poured mimosas as we laid in the sand. And I fell madly in love with Charles that night underneath the most spectacular fireworks display I’ve ever seen.

Typing those memories just got me all choked up. How lucky am I to have seen the beauty this country holds with my own eyes. To breathe in the air of the cool Pacific, taste the salt of the Atlantic, and to stand on mountains high?!

Freedom. Memories. Beauty. We are so blessed in this country.

Seaside, OR July 4th, 2014
Seaside, OR
July 4th, 2014

This year I’m celebrating the 4th in Miami and I’m bound and determined to make it memorable. I’ve already looked up where to view the best local parade. I’ve plotted out how to get my Bloody Mary. I have a special, festive, 4th of July Sangria marinating. Veggie Burgers are prepped and ready for the grill. And I got this amazing idea to rent a kayak tomorrow mid-day and just “be.” Proud and connected to everyone in this great country we live in.

To kick start the weekend, I’m making a fun and festive dessert treat that actually reminds me of a time I marched in The Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps. We had this run of about 3 days straight of 15 hour rehearsal days. 5 hour blocks, 3 times per day. It was KILLER. I think we were near Allentown, PA prepping for the final push. Regardless, the memory of those days sits pretty for me because we got something they liked to call a “fruit break.” Like…rehearse for a million hours in the torturous sun and then enjoy an apple as you run to the field your staff is already waiting for you at. Bliss, I know.

But this particular fruit break, I was running to grab whatever was waiting at the food truck and it stopped me dead in my tracks. The beauty of it.

Fruit pizza.

WHAT?!?! For meeeeee??????? I was in pure drum corps heaven.

Hard work. Lifelong friendships. And memories to last a lifetime!
Hard work. Lifelong friendships. And memories to last a lifetime!

As an homage to those days of getting my butt kicked in the sun, sweating like I’ve never sweat before, and pushing myself to excellence surrounded by 149 other people who wanted to be amazing, too, I decided to make a fun little patriotic fruit pizza. Mini size, of course, because you can’t run to your next block carrying a full size one! 😉 And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, mini pizzas are great for parties. Handheld and fun. 🙂

Alright, enough talk, more recipe! HAPPY 4th of JULY EVERYONE!!! 🙂

Fun, festive, and perfect for your 4th of July celebration!!
Fun, festive, and perfect for your 4th of July celebration!!

Star Spangled Mini Fruit Pizzas


  • pre-cut sugar cookie dough (24 pack)

  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt (1 small carton should be fine)

  • Strawberries

  • Blueberries

  • Honey


  1. Bake your sugar cookies according to the directions.

  2. Right when they come out and are still a little soft, I like to push a small spoon into the center to help make a little “edge” for the yogurt.

  3. Spoon Vanilla Greek Yogurt into each cookie (about 1/2 tablespoon in each).

  4. Slice strawberries horizontally and place one circle in the middle.

  5. Add a dot of honey onto each blueberry (1 per cookie) and place in the center of the strawberry.

ENJOY!!! 🙂

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