21 DFX Results!!!

If you’ve followed my journey at all, you probably know that I did not enjoy doing 21 Day Fix Extreme all that much the first time. There was something about it and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Was it too hard? Was getting the flu in the middle of it the problem? Was it just not my soul-mate-workout?

Feeling pretty defeated at times throughout this program. But there's nothing better than pushing beyond those limits!!!
Feeling pretty defeated at times throughout this program. But there’s nothing better than pushing beyond those limits!!!

After returning home from California, I had a 21 day stretch to get me to Coach Summit in Nashville, TN. I had just finished 60 days of PiYo and figured a rematch of 21 DFX was calling my name. This time, I was going to decide for real if I liked the program or not.

I love a good challenge!!! Bring on 21 DFX!!!
I love a good challenge!!! Bring on 21 DFX!!!

If you would have asked me after the first day if I liked it, I would have given you a really mean face, probably raised my eyebrows at you, and may have actually hit you. Day one was HARD!!! Like, “I want to quit, NOW” hard. I paused the workout three times in a pool of my own sweat, heaving like a chain smoker, and praying that the Lord didn’t call me home in that moment. “There’s too much life to live!!!” 🙂

Fast forward, though, to the end and I have to tell you that I actually felt AMAZINGLY strong. I conquered the workouts and stayed on point with my eating. And I got on that plane to Nashville last week ALL SMILES! I mean…just look at the difference!!! 🙂

BOOM BABY! Pictures don't lie!!!
BOOM BABY! Pictures don’t lie!!!

I think the most rewarding part of this journey was how I finished it. Technically you’re supposed to do “Leg Day” on day 4 of each week. But on the third week, I skipped leg day and saved it for last. On the final day of my 21 day journey to Coach Summit, I didn’t have to pop in a disk and curse at a screen.


I got to attend a LIVE workout with celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese herself! And what workout did we do?!


LEG DAY LIVE w/ Autumn and my girl, Emily!
LEG DAY LIVE w/ Autumn and my girl, Emily!

And to put a cherry on top, I got to do the workout alongside of my coach, mentor, and friend Emily. I can’t even begin to tell you the kind of energy it gives you to finally do these workouts live. I love my at home workouts, I really do. They are quick to get done. They are EXTREMELY effective. And they take the guess work out of what I should do that day. I don’t have to worry about it! But to experience your trainer in person and to be surrounded by thousands of fit friends who are just like you?! I mean, there’s truly nothing like it!

So, you may be asking what’s next for me?! What workout do I have up my sleeve? Well, it’s ironic, because yet again the number 21 comes right back up. I have 21 days left until Charles arrives and we pack up the car to drive across America to start our lives together. I’m taking on 21 Day Fix Extreme- ROUND TWO, BABY! 🙂


Here I go...another round to see where it leads me!
Here I go…another round to see where it leads me!

Want to join me and hold me accountable? Do you need that voice in your head pushing you daily? I’d love to help you fall in love with this program that has changed SO many lives- mine included! Fitness, nutrition, accountability. The perfect recipe for success!

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